Academic Structure Rel 9.2 Ed 4

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

Academic Structure Rel 9.2 Ed 4 Course Overview:

The Academic Structure Rel 9.2 Ed 4 certification signifies an advanced aptitude in leveraging Oracle’s PeopleSoft Campus Solutions framework. This credential specifically validates mastery of the Academic Structure module within PeopleSoft, responsible for essential components of academic institutions—academic careers, programs, plans, and sub-plans. Educational entities and academic solution providers utilize this certification as a standard to pinpoint adept experts capable of adeptly navigating and customizing the PeopleSoft system for streamlined academic administration. This proficiency enhances operational efficiency and strategic academic planning, bolstering overall performance.

Intended Audience:

  • University administrative staff.
  • Education management professionals.
  • Data and records management staff in academia.
  • IT specialists working in educational institutions.
  • Academic advisors and coordinators.
  • Individuals involved in student affairs or enrollment services.
  • Users who regularly interface with academic databases or systems.

Learning Objectives of Academic Structure Rel 9.2 Ed 4:

The central educational goals of the Academic Structure Rel 9.2 Ed 4 course encompass enriching participants’ comprehension of the academic structure within Academic Structure setup. Attendees acquire proficiency in establishing academic organizations, academic careers, and academic programs. Additionally, the course imparts insights into configuring dynamic dating, study field, and study plan processing. It also aims to foster a comprehensive grasp of dynamically dated session processing, academic advising reports, and academic level load rules. Ultimately, the course is designed to steer learners in comprehending the reverberations of the academic structure on interconnected systems such as Student Records and Campus Community.

 Module 1: Setting Up Data at the System Leve

  • Identifying Academic Institutions, Record Groups, and tableset IDs
  • Determining Academic Institutions and Setup Options
  • Define Establishments, Locations and Campuses
  • Set Up Buildings and Facilities

 Module 2: Setting Up Data at the Academic Institution Level

  • Setting up Grading Schemes
  • Defining Repeat Schemes
  • Defining Academic Institutions

 Module 3: Setting Up Academic Groups, Careers, and Catalog Data

  • Defining Academic Groups
  • Defining Academic Careers
  • Setting Up Unit Types and Conversion Rules
  • Defining Career Pointers and Exception Rules
  • Defining Repeat Checking Rules
  • Setting Up Holiday Schedule Values
  • Defining Instructors and Advisors

 Module 4: Setting Up Academic Programs, Plans, and Subplans

  • Defining an Academic Calendar
  • Describing Enrollment Action Reasons
  • Describing Academic Level and Load Rules
  • Setting Up Academic Programs

 Module 5: Setting Up Academic Terms and Sessions

  • Defining Term Values
  • Defining Time Periods
  • Defining Academic Terms and Sessions
  • Describing the Dynamic Dating Process

 Module 6: Setting Up Academic Organizations

  • Setting Up Organizations with PeopleSoft Tree Manager
  • Defining Academic Groups
  • Configuring Academic Organizations
  • Assigning User Security to Academic Organizations
  • Setting Up Academic Subjects

 Module 7: Establishing Security

  • Describing User Profiles, Roles and Permission Lists
  • Describing Academic Structure Security
  • Describing Component Specific Security
  • Describing User Based Security Interactions
  • Securing PeopleSoft Applications

Academic Structure Rel 9.2 Ed 4 Course Prerequisites:

• Completion of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Fundamentals Rel 9.2
• Understanding of basic navigation and functionality in PeopleSoft applications
• Familiarity with structured query language (SQL)
• Basic knowledge of relational database principles
• Prior experience in defining academic structures in a Campus Solutions System.

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