Android Application UI/ UX Design and Monetization Techniques

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Android Application UI/ UX Design and Monetization Techniques Course Overview

The three-day training course on Android Application UI/UX Design and Monetization Techniques comprehensively addresses concepts related to UI/UX design for Android applications as well as effective monetization strategies. The course is designed to cover all essential aspects of crafting appealing user interfaces and optimizing user experience in the context of Android applications. Additionally, participants will gain insights into methods for monetizing Android applications successfully. This course is aligned with the curriculum of the AND-X03 Exam.

Intended Audience For Android Application UI/ UX Design and Monetization Techniques Training

  • Access Management Administrators
  • Security Administrators
  • IT Professionals responsible for access control and security management
  • System Administrators involved in Oracle Access Management 12c implementation and maintenance
  • Professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge of access control fundamentals in Oracle Access Management 12c.

Learning Objectives of Android Application UI/ UX Design and Monetization Techniques Training

  • UI/UX design fundamentals and the design thinking process.
  • A comprehensive guide to wireframing and prototyping Android applications.
  • Usability testing, compatibility, performance and stability of Android apps.
  • A UI/UX Designer Journey in Android Apps.
  • Understanding different techniques to monetize Android applications.
  • Publishing and advertising your application effectively.
  • Explaining how to add licenses to your applications and monitor them.

Benefits of taking Android Application UI/UX Design and Monetization Techniques Training

  • Learn how to design engaging and user-friendly Android apps.
  • Develop effective monetization strategies for your Android apps.
  • Create successful Android apps that users love and want to pay for.
  • Advance your career in Android app development and design.

By taking Android Application UI/UX Design and Monetization Techniques Training, you will learn how to:

  • Design user interfaces for Android apps that are both visually appealing and easy to use.
  • Develop user experience (UX) strategies that keep users engaged with your apps.
  • Choose the right monetization strategies for your Android apps, such as in-app purchases, advertising, or subscriptions.
  • Analyze app usage data to improve your monetization strategies.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices in Android app UI/UX design and monetization.

Android Application UI/UX Design and Monetization Techniques Training is a comprehensive course that covers all aspects of designing and monetizing successful Android apps. It is ideal for anyone who wants to create high-quality Android apps that users will love and want to pay for, including developers, designers, and entrepreneurs.

 UI/UX Design Fundamentals
  • Introduction
  • UX Designer
  • UI Designer
  • The difference between UI and UX design
  • Understanding Users and Business needs
  • Strategy and content
  • What is content strategy?
  • Wire –Framing and Prototyping
  • Use of App wireframes and Prototypes
  • Wireframe Levels
  • Elements of Wireframes and Prototypes
  • The difference between and Prototypes
  • Execution and Analytics
  • Usability and User’s feeling
  • Testing and Feedback
  • Visual design and user’s interaction
  • Functionality
  • Compatibility performance and stability
  • Security
  • Setting up a test environment
  • Usability testing by participants
  • Starting your test session
  • Analyzing your tes
  • Introduction
  • Why is Wireframe the first step?
  • Do’s and Don’ts for a successful UX design
  • Wireframe tools for Mobile Apps
  • Paper Prototyping
  • Storyboard that Software
  • Adobe XD (Experience Design)
  • Lab: Building Your App Wireframe
  • Brainstorming Phase
  • Wireframe Phase
  • Introduction
  • Pizza Pizza Application
  • The weather network application
  • Introduction
  • Difference Monetization Techniques
  • Paid applications
  • Lite vs Pro
  • Advertising and Ad mediation
  • In App Purchase
  • Subscription
  • Ad Format
  • Ad Types
  • Best Technique for Your business
  • Adding in Add Ads to your android application
  • Revenue metrics
  • Lab Adding Google Ad s to your application
  • Creating an Android application
  • Adding Google Play services to your project
  • Modifying the Manifest filer
  • Crating and Ad Mob account and AD Unit ID
  • Placing the AD in Main Activity Layout
  • Requesting and loading ads
  • Introduction
  • Preparing your app for release
  • Releasing your app for users
  • Releasing your app through application marketplace
  • Releasing your application through email
  • Releasing Through a website
  • Signing your application
  • The publishing process on google play
  • Google play in app billing services
  • Releasing App Best Practices
  • Lab 4: Publishing your application on Google Play
  • Creating an Android application
  • Signing your application using Android studio
  • Creating a publisher account
  • Publishing your app
  • Introduction
  • Licensing your application
  • Google play licensing
  • Setting up Licensing’s
  • Adding Licensing to your App
  • Monitoring your app
  • Benefits
  • Using Google Analytics
  • Lab: Adding Licensing and analytics to your application
  • Setting up Google play licensing service in Android studio
  • Using LVL in your applications code
  • Setting up Google Mobile Analytics in Android studio

Android Application UI/ UX Design and Monetization Techniques Course Prerequisites

Before taking this course it is highly recommended that the students of this course know the fundamentals concept of Android Application Development. If you want to acquire a good knowledge of Android application development course before taking this course, take the android application development course.

Equivalent Skills or course: Android Application Development

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