Architecting Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Solutions Ed 2

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

Architecting Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Solutions Ed 2 Course Overview:

The Architecting Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Solutions Ed 2 certification is dedicated to imparting candidates with expertise in crafting proficient cloud solutions utilizing Oracle technologies. Encompassing topics like infrastructure design, planning, and architecture on Oracle Cloud, along with security strategies, it stands as a pivotal asset for enterprises pursuing digital transformation and resilience via contemporary cloud-based resolutions. Industries harness this certification to verify their workforce’s adeptness in harnessing and overseeing Oracle Cloud services, spanning compute, storage, and networking assets. This, in turn, cultivates heightened efficiency, security, and adaptability, harmonizing IT infrastructure with overarching business requisites.

Intended Audience:

• Cloud Architects planning to migrate applications to OCI
• IT Professionals designing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure solutions
• Cloud Solution Providers specializing in Oracle technologies
• System Administrators managing Oracle solutions
• Technical Consultants implementing OCI
• DevOps Engineers using OCI for application deployment
• Professionals preparing for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure certification

Learning Objectives of Architecting Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Solutions Ed 2:

The primary learning objectives of the ‘Architecting Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Solutions Ed 2’ course encompass:

  • Nurturing a comprehensive comprehension of Oracle Cloud Architecture and its operational fundamentals.
  • Equipping learners with the expertise to conceive and actualize cloud solutions through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services.
  • Instilling proficiency in the creation and management of pivotal components, including databases, storage, network infrastructure, and user security.
  • Cultivating skills to execute seamless migration of on-premises workloads to the Oracle Cloud environment.
  • Empowering participants with the ability to architect highly available and fault-tolerant systems on Oracle Cloud.
  • Facilitating adept management of the operational facets of cloud infrastructure, ensuring optimal functionality.

 Module 1: Identity and Access Management

  • IAM Basics
  • Instance Principals
  • Advanced Policies
  • Scoping Access with Permissions or API Operations
  • Federation
  • Reference IAM Model: Compartments

 Module 2: Virtual Cloud Network

  • Service Gateway
  • Private IP as Route Target
  • VCN Peering
  • Edge Security
  • Securing Your VCN
  • Virtual Firewall Instances
  • Virtual Cloud Network Best Practices

 Module 3: Connectivity – IPsec VPN

  • Connectivity Options
  • Connectivity to On-Premises Network Planning
  • VPN Basics
  • IPsec VPN
  • OCI VPN Redundancy Models
  • Typical Networking Scenarios
  • Public and Private Subnets with VPN
  • VPN IPsec Connectivity

 Module 4: Connectivity – FastConnect

  • Why Do You Need Dedicated Connectivity to Cloud?
  • FastConnect Connectivity Options
  • FastConnect Use Case Scenarios
  • Private & Public Peering Network Design
  • BGP Advertisement and Traffic-flow
  • FastConnect Redundancy
  • IPsec VPN and FastConnect
  • Hybrid Architectures Using FastConnect
  • Intercloud Connectivity
  • Multi-Cloud Connectivity Using FastConnect

 Module 5: Compute

  • Compute: Bare Metal and Virtual Machines
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Instance Configurations and Pools
  • Instance Console Connections
  • Custom Images
  • Bring Your Own Image (BYOI)
  • NVIDIA GPU Images
  • Cloud-Init and Metadata
  • Instance Metadata

 Module 6: Storage

  • OCI Storage Services
  • Local NVMe SSD Devices
  • Block Volume
  • File Storage Service
  • Object Storage Service
  • Partner Backup Options
  • Data Backup and Migration Options
  • OCI Storage Gateway
  • Data Transfer Service

 Module 7: Load Balancer

  • Session Persistence
  • Request Routing (Virtual Hostnames and Path Routing)
  • SSL Handling

 Module 8: Database

  • dbcli on OCI Database Systems
  • Database Sizing Templates
  • Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage with Database
  • Troubleshooting Database Backup Failures
  • Collecting Database and Diagnostic Information to Resolve Errors
  • Migrating Databases to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) for Oracle Databases on OCI

Architecting Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Solutions Ed 2 Course Prerequisites:

• Basic understanding of cloud concepts
• Familiarity with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
• Knowledge of cloud computing and IT infrastructure
• Understanding of key networking concepts
• Experience in architecting or implementing cloud solutions
• Ideally, previous experience or certification in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations.

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