BCS Foundation Certificate in OpenStack Software

Duration: 2 Days (16 Hours)

BCS Foundation Certificate in OpenStack Software Course Overview:

The BCS Foundation Certificate in OpenStack Software certification is a prestigious acknowledgment showcasing adeptness in employing OpenStack software, an open-source cloud computing software platform. Covering pivotal OpenStack constituents, architecture, and operations, this certification validates an individual’s aptitude to oversee, enact, and resolve issues in OpenStack environments. Industries adopt this certification to guarantee their IT experts remain current with contemporary cloud computing benchmarks and can proficiently navigate cloud operations. Particularly valuable in domains like IT infrastructure, system administration, and cloud solutions, this certification derives its significance from OpenStack’s prevalence as a cloud infrastructure tool.

Intended Audience:

  • IT professionals seeking knowledge in cloud computing and OpenStack software
  • System administrators intending to implement and manage OpenStack
  • Network engineers aiming to enhance their skills in cloud networking
  • Developers wishing to build and deploy applications on OpenStack
  • Solution architects striving to design cloud infrastructures using OpenStack

Learning Objectives of BCS Foundation Certificate in OpenStack Software:

The BCS Foundation Certificate in OpenStack Software course focuses on the following learning objectives:

  1. OpenStack Architecture and Design: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the architecture and design principles underlying OpenStack. Learn how various components interact to provide cloud services.
  2. Operation and Management: Develop practical skills in operating and managing OpenStack environments. Learn how to deploy, configure, and maintain OpenStack instances to ensure optimal performance.
  3. Issue Identification and Resolution: Acquire the ability to identify and address practical issues that may arise during the implementation and management of cloud services using OpenStack.
  4. Benefits, Risks, and Costs: Evaluate the benefits, risks, and cost implications of deploying OpenStack for cloud services. Understand the strategic and financial considerations of adopting OpenStack.
  5. APIs and Integration: Explore OpenStack APIs and their role in integrating various services and components. Understand how to interact with OpenStack services programmatically.
  6. Storage and Networking: Gain insights into storage and networking options within an OpenStack environment. Learn how to configure and manage storage and networking resources.
  7. Orchestration: Understand the orchestration capabilities of OpenStack. Learn how to automate the provisioning and management of complex cloud resources using orchestration tools.
  8. Roles and Responsibilities: Develop an understanding of the roles and responsibilities involved in a successful OpenStack implementation. Recognize the contributions of different team members in operating and maintaining OpenStack environments.

Upon completion of this course, participants will have a strong foundation in OpenStack software, enabling them to effectively contribute to the design, deployment, and management of cloud services. They will be well-prepared to assess the benefits and challenges of utilizing OpenStack, make informed decisions, and collaborate with diverse teams in implementing OpenStack-based solutions.

 Module 1: What is OpenStack?

 Module 2: OpenStack Compute

 Module 3: OpenStack and Storage

 Module 4: OpenStack Identity Management

 Module 5: OpenStack Networking

 Module 6: OpenStack Support Services

BCS Foundation Certificate in OpenStack Software Course Prerequisites

• Basic understanding of AI concepts
• Familiarity with Python programming language
• Intermediate-level math skills including algebra and statistics
• Working knowledge of data structures and algorithms
• Prior exposure to machine learning algorithms
• Understanding of linear regression, logistic regression, and neural networks.

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