BCS Foundation Certificate in Organisational Behaviour

Duration: 3 Days (24 Hours)

BCS Foundation Certificate in Organisational Behaviour Course Overview:

The BCS Foundation Certificate in Organisational Behaviour is a credential that confirms a professional’s grasp of both theoretical and applied aspects of organizational behavior. It revolves around core principles, theories, and models governing behavior within a team context, encompassing elements like leadership, motivation, team interactions, and organizational culture. Industries leverage this certification to cultivate enhanced collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making competencies within their teams. Acknowledged across diverse sectors including IT, finance, healthcare, and management, this certification serves as a catalyst for productivity enhancement, work environment refinement, and elevation of employee satisfaction and morale.

Intended Audience:

  • Human resource professionals
  • Team leads and managers
  • Organisational development professionals
  • Business consultants
  • Individuals seeking to understand organisational behaviour
  • Professionals aiming for the BCS Foundation Certification
  • Business graduates and students studying organisational behaviour
  • Professionals seeking career advancement in HR, leadership, or management roles.

Learning Objectives of BCS Foundation Certificate in Organisational Behaviour:

The learning objectives of the BCS Foundation Certificate in Organisational Behaviour course encompass the following:

  • Equipping learners with a comprehension of organisational culture and change management principles and practices.
  • Educating students about diverse leadership styles, team dynamics, motivation theories, and the repercussions of individual behavior on an organization.
  • Providing training on conflict management, decision-making facilitation, and contributing constructively to organizational objectives.
  • Ultimately, empowering students with knowledge and skills to adeptly understand and navigate the human aspects within a workplace setting.
 Module 1: Organisational Principles (17.5%)
  • Explain delivering value
  • Explain organisation structuring
  • Explain budgets and departmentalised businesses
  • Describe types of jobs
  • Describe line management, staff and functional relationships
  • Explain formalisation of rules and procedures
  • Explain centralisation v decentralisation
  • Explain organisation structures and their characteristics
  • Recognise organisational boundaries
  • Explain organisational motivation (Object Management Group (OMG) business motivation model)
  • Describe the Organisational Behaviour Field Map
  • Explain organisational effectiveness and the balanced scorecard.
  • Describe understanding and analysing culture
  • Explain groups and group dynamics
  • Describe formal and informal groups
  • Describe statement of financial position (balance sheet)
  • Explain income and expenditure (income statement, profit and loss account)
  • Describe cash flow
  • Explain costing and pricing
  • Describe the rationale for and the techniques used for evaluating a financial case

BCS Foundation Certificate in Organisational Behaviour Course Prerequisites

• Basic understanding of organisational structure and behaviour
• Fundamental knowledge in business process management
• Familiarity with the role of the HR function
• Awareness of key elements needed for organisational change
• Basic proficiency in English to comprehend course contents.

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