BCS Practitioner Award in Collaborating with Business Teams

Duration: 3 Days (24 Hours)

BCS Practitioner Award in Collaborating with Business Teams Course Overview:

The BCS Practitioner Award in Collaborating with Business Teams is a recognized certification highlighting an individual’s proficiency in seamless collaboration and communication between business and technical teams. This credential attests not only to the holder’s ability to comprehend business requirements but also their aptitude in facilitating and overseeing intricate collaboration within a corporate setting. Widely utilized in industries like IT, software development, and project management, this certification signifies the holder’s capability to bridge the divide between technical and non-technical personnel, consequently enhancing operational efficacy and elevating project outcomes.

Intended Audience:

  • Business professionals seeking to improve collaboration skills
  • IT professionals desiring better understanding of business collaboration
  • Team leaders and project managers requiring collaboration techniques
  • Individuals aspiring for certifications in business team collaboration
  • Professionals involved in process improvement initiatives
  • Employees aiming to enhance their business communication skills

Learning Objectives of BCS Practitioner Award in Collaborating with Business Teams:

The learning objectives of the BCS Practitioner Award in Collaborating with Business Teams course are designed to equip students with essential skills for effective collaboration with business teams. These objectives include:

  1. Understanding the Business Context:
    • Interpret different types of organizations and their sectors of operation.
    • Interpret an organization’s mission, vision, objectives, and key performance indicators.
    • Demonstrate understanding of an organization’s values.
  2. Financial Analysis:
    • Analyze and interpret budgets, calculating variances.
    • Understand CAPEX and OPEX in an organizational context.
    • Utilize cost-benefit analysis for decision-making.
  3. Team and Organizational Dynamics:
    • Select suitable project approaches based on project and organizational requirements.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of continuous improvement techniques.
    • Interpret the roles and needs of stakeholders.
  4. Organizational Proposition:
    • Analyze the unique proposition of the organization.
    • Describe internal and external customers within the organization.
    • Analyze factors influencing the organization’s reputation.

Upon completing the course, participants will be able to effectively collaborate with business teams by:

  • Understanding the broader business context and aligning IT solutions with business objectives.
  • Improving communication skills to convey technical information to non-technical stakeholders.
  • Applying problem-solving skills to address business challenges using IT solutions.
  • Cultivating strong relationships with business teams to enhance collaboration.
  • Managing change resulting from IT implementation to ensure successful integration.

Ultimately, students will be well-prepared to foster seamless collaboration between IT and business teams, contributing to the organization’s overall success.

    Explain the purpose and intention of communication
    Analyse the required level of information and modify information to fit your audience
    Analyse the suitability of communication methods and collaboration tools.
    Demonstrate how to select the appropriate format to present data and information.
    Interpret information provided to you in a range of formats.
    Analyse your own collaboration skills.
    Explain the importance of emotional intelligence (EQ) when collaborating
    Analyse the importance and use of personal branding.
    Explain the impact of a positive attitude when collaborating with others.
    Demonstrate active listening skills
    Analyse the purpose and benefits of storytelling in communication.
    Explain the skills used in business networking.
    Analyse the need to adapt your collaboration and communication styles
    Explain the need to seek clarity in communications
    Analyse the suitability and effectiveness of methods of gathering feedback.
    Interpret feedback to select a suitable response.

BCS Practitioner Award in Collaborating with Business Teams Course Prerequisites

• Prior experience in IT or business analysis
• Basic understanding of business operations and team collaboration
• Familiarity with BCS syllabus topics such as business change lifecycle
• Willingness to participate in requisite number of training hours
• Ability to pass the written examination based on training.

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