BCS Practitioner Certificate in Being an IT Business Partner

Duration: 3 Days (24 Hours)

BCS Practitioner Certificate in Being an IT Business Partner Course Overview:

The BCS Practitioner Certificate in Being an IT Business Partner certification acknowledges the competence of IT experts in establishing fruitful partnerships with the business realm. This encompasses adeptness in comprehending and executing business strategies, effective communication prowess, steering innovation and transformative initiatives, and proficiently managing intra-organizational relationships. Tailored for individuals occupying business relationship management roles in the IT sector, this certification serves to bridge the divide between IT and business domains. Industries adopt this certification to affirm that their IT professionals are adept at fostering collaboration that drives business objectives, facilitating seamless alignment between the two sectors while optimizing the utilization of technological resources.

Intended Audience:

  • IT professionals aiming to strengthen business partnering skills.
  • Business analysts looking to improve IT-business collaboration.
  • IT managers seeking to align IT services with business goals.
  • Professionals working in business-IT interface roles.
  • Individuals aiming for IT business partner roles.

Learning Objectives of BCS Practitioner Certificate in Being an IT Business Partner:

The learning objectives for the BCS Practitioner Certificate in Being an IT Business Partner course are to enable students to comprehend the role of an IT business partner and their contribution to the strategic development of the business. They are expected to learn how to build strong relationships within the organization, align IT services and initiatives with business objectives, and promote the value of IT in achieving business goals. Students will also gain knowledge on effectively communicating and negotiating with various stakeholders, managing IT investments and projects, and understanding legal, regulatory, and ethical requirements in IT business partnering.

Module 1: Introduction to IT Business Partnering
  • The role of IT Business Partnering in modern organizations
  • The skills and competencies required to be an effective IT Business Partner
  • The key challenges facing IT Business Partners and how to overcome them
  • The process of developing a business strategy
  • How to align IT strategy with business strategy
  • The importance of business planning and forecasting
  • The principles and frameworks of IT governance and management
  • How to ensure compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and standards
  • The role of IT in managing risk and ensuring business continuity
  • The importance of building strong relationships with business stakeholders
  • Effective communication techniques for IT Business Partners
  • Managing conflicts and resolving disputes
  • Techniques for conducting business analysis and gathering requirements
  • How to prioritize and manage requirements
  • Ensuring that IT solutions meet business needs and add value
  • Principles and methodologies of IT project and programme management
  • How to manage project risks and issues
  • The importance of effective project governance and stakeholder management
  • The process of managing business change
  • Techniques for assessing change readiness and managing resistance
  • How to ensure successful adoption of new processes and systems
  • The principles and best practices of IT service management
  • How to manage service levels and customer satisfaction
  • Ensuring service delivery meets business requirements and expectations
  • The basics of IT financial management and budgeting
  • Understanding commercial and procurement processes
  • How to manage vendor relationships and negotiate contracts
  • Techniques for personal and professional development as an IT Business Partner
  • Developing leadership skills and managing teams
  • Building a personal brand and networking effectively

BCS Practitioner Certificate in Being an IT Business Partner Course Prerequisites

• A minimum of 1-year experience in IT sector
• Basic understanding of IT management and business processes
• Familiarity with IT service frameworks
• Knowledge of IT strategy and planning
• Ability to comprehend and apply professional practices in IT business partnering.
• Awareness of current IT trends and digital transformation.

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