BCS Practitioner Certificate in Information Risk Management

Duration: 5 Days (40 Hours)

BCS Practitioner Certificate in Information Risk Management Course Overview:

The BCS Practitioner Certificate in Information Risk Management (PCIRM) is a globally recognized certification validating expertise in identifying, assessing, and managing information risks. It covers key areas like information security, risk assessment, controls, and management systems. Industries rely on PCIRM holders to protect vital data, ensuring continuity and reducing security breach losses. It’s essential in sectors like finance, health, IT, and more, supporting compliance with regulations.

Intended Audience:

  • Information security professionals seeking risk management certification
  • IT managers responsible for risk management in organizations
  • IT consultants interested in expanding skills in information risk management
  • Compliance officers dealing with information security-related risks
  • Individuals aspiring for roles in information risk management

Learning Objectives of BCS Practitioner Certificate in Information Risk Management:

The learning objectives of the BCS Practitioner Certificate in Information Risk Management course are geared towards fostering a comprehensive comprehension of risk management concepts in the information domain. The course equips participants with the expertise needed to recognize diverse internal and external risks that have the potential to affect an organization’s information assets. Furthermore, the learning goals encompass educating participants about the methods and approaches to alleviate identified risks. Moreover, the course aims to provide guidance on evaluating the efficacy of executed risk management measures through the utilization of diverse assessment and evaluation methodologies. Ultimately, the course is designed to empower participants to adeptly strategize, implement, and sustain information risk management practices within their respective organizations.

The Concepts and Framework of Information Risk Management (5%, K2)

  • Need for Information Risk Management
  • Context of Risk in Organizations

Information Risk Management Fundamentals (10%, K2)

  • Fundamentals of Information Security
  • Information Risk Management Standards and Good Practice Guides
  • Process of Information Risk Management
  • Information Risk Terms and Definitions

Establishing an Information Risk Management Programme (12%, K2)

  • Requirements of an Information Risk Management Programme
  • Development of a Strategic Approach to Information Risk Management
  • Principles of Information Classification

Risk Identification (21%, K3)

  • Process to Identify Information Assets
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

Risk Assessment (21%, K3)

  • Undertake a Risk Analysis
  • Conduct Risk Evaluation

Risk Treatment (19%, K2)

  • Risk Treatment Options, Controls, and Processes
  • Use of a Risk Treatment Plan

Monitor and Review (6%, K3)

  • Information Risk Monitoring
  • Information Risk Review

Presenting Risks and Business Case (6%, K4)

  • Reporting and Presenting Progress of a Risk Management Programme
  • Presenting a Business Case

BCS Practitioner Certificate in Information Risk Management Course Prerequisites

  • Knowledge of IT systems, specifically usage and administration
  • Basic understanding of risk management concepts
  • Familiarity with problem-solving, decision-making and analytical abilities
  • Awareness of data privacy regulations and cybersecurity norms
  • Experience in IT infrastructure and security architecture.

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