Billing and Revenue Management: Functional Overview

Duration : 1 Day (8 Hours)

Billing and Revenue Management: Functional Overview Course Overview:

The Billing and Revenue Management: Functional Overview certification offers foundational knowledge of billing and revenue management systems in businesses. It is designed for professionals involved in financial transactions and revenue assurance, providing clarity on pricing, charging, billing, and settlement processes. This certification emphasizes understanding the functionality and significance of these systems, offering a comprehensive overview of billing cycles and revenue management. Industries leverage this certification to ensure compliance with financial regulations, streamline operations, reduce financial leakages, and optimize revenue cycles. The applied concepts facilitate strategic decision-making and the development of customer-centric billing models, contributing to business growth and success.

Intended Audience:

• Financial managers and executives
• Billing and revenue specialists
• Accounts receivable and payable professionals
• Finance department staff
• Business owners
• Accounting professionals
• Financial software technicians

Learning Objectives of Billing and Revenue Management: Functional Overview:

The learning objectives of the Billing and Revenue Management: Functional Overview course are as follows:

  1. Understand the fundamental concepts and methodologies of billing and revenue management.
  2. Gain insights into how billing processes operate within businesses and their significance in overall company profitability.
  3. Explore various billing systems and their functionalities.
  4. Develop strategies to improve invoice accuracy and reduce billing errors.
  5. Learn to interpret revenue reports and effectively manage customer billings.
  6. Acquire skills to handle billing disputes and implement strategies for revenue growth.
  7. Equip students with practical skills to enhance billing and revenue management processes in real-world scenarios.

By achieving these objectives, students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage billing and revenue operations, contributing to improved financial efficiency and overall business success.

Module 1: BRM Features and Functions Part 1
Module 2: BRM Features and Functions Part 2
Module 3: BRM Features and Functions Part 3
Module 4: Elastic Charging Engine (ECE) Functional Overview

  • ECE Functionality and Architecture
  • ECE Integration, Extensibility and Operations

Module 5: Pricing Design Center (PDC) Functional Overview

  • PDC Overview and Architecture
  • Getting Started with PDC
  • PDC Changesets and Pricing Objects
  • PDC Selectors

Module 6: Offline Mediation Controller (OCOMC) Functional Overview

  • OCOMC Functionality and Architecture
  • OCOMC Cloud Native Deployment Option

Module 7: Convergent Charging Controller (OC3C) Functional Overview

  • OC3C Introduction and Architecture
  • OC3C Service Innovation
  • OC3C Voucher Management
  • OC3C Additional Features

Module 8: Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) Cloud Native Deployment

  • BRM Cloud Native Introduction and Architecture
  • BRM Cloud Native Features Overview

Billing and Revenue Management: Functional Overview Course Prerequisites:

Prior experience working with Oracle Database technology.
• Basic understanding of Oracle Database architecture, backup recovery, and disaster recovery concepts.
• Familiarity with Oracle Database 19c Administration.
• Knowledge of SQL, PL/SQL, and UNIX/Linux.
• Familiarity with Oracle RMAN and Data Guard environments.

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