Certified Security Risk Manager

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

Certified Security Risk Manager Course Overview:

The Certified Security Risk Manager (CSRM) certification is designed to assess an individual’s competence in security risk management, with a focus on risk assessment methodologies and processes. This certification holds particular significance in industries where security and threat management are critical. To earn the CSRM certification, candidates must showcase their extensive expertise in identifying threats, analyzing risks, and devising response plans. CSRM certified professionals possess the ability to strike a balance between operational and economic considerations when addressing risks and are adept at implementing effective risk management strategies. This certification finds application in various sectors, such as cybersecurity, supply chain, finance, healthcare, and defense, ensuring the adoption of best practices for risk reduction and overall business resilience.

Intended Audience:

• Professionals involved in risk management
• Corporate security managers
• Information technology managers
• Security consultants
• IT auditors
• Compliance officers
• Organizational risk advisors
• Cybersecurity specialists
• Individuals looking to enhance their understanding of security risk management.

Learning Objectives of Certified Security Risk Manager:

The main learning objectives of a Certified Security Risk Manager course are to equip participants with a comprehensive understanding and proficient skills in managing security risks. This includes the capability to identify and assess potential threats and vulnerabilities to an organization’s assets, including information systems, data, and personnel. Participants will gain insights into the principles of risk management and the process of creating effective risk management plans and strategies. Additionally, they will develop proficiency in using various tools and techniques for risk assessment, reporting, and mitigation. Another essential objective is to ensure participants understand and comply with legal, regulatory, and contractual requirements relevant to security risk management. By achieving these learning outcomes, individuals will be better prepared to safeguard their organizations from security threats and make informed risk management decisions.

Introduction to ISO/IEC 27005 and Risk Management

  1. Training course objectives and structure
  2. Standards and regulatory frameworks
  3. Fundamental concepts and principles of information security risk management
  4. Information security risk management program
  5. Context establishment

Risk assessment, risk treatment, and risk communication and consultation based on ISO/IEC 27005

  1. Risk identification
  2. Risk analysis
  3. Risk evaluation
  4. Risk treatment
  5. Information security risk communication and consultation

Risk recording and reporting

  1. Information security risk monitoring and review
  2. OCTAVE and MEHARI methodologies
  3. EBIOS method and NIST framework
  4. CRAMM and TRA methods
  5. Closing of the training course.

Certified Security Risk Manager Course Prerequisites:

The main prerequisites for enrolling in this training course include:

• Minimum 2 years professional experience in risk management
• Demonstrated proficiency in managing risk
• Degree or diploma in business or information technology
• Understanding of privacy, compliance, and security concepts
• Ability to interpret and implement security policies and standards
• Working knowledge of risk assessment tools and methodologies

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