CNS-231: Deploy and Manage Citrix SD-WAN 11.x

Duration: 3 Days (24 Hours)

CNS-231: Deploy and Manage Citrix SD-WAN 11.x Course Overview:

In this three-day CNS-231: Deploy and Manage Citrix SD-WAN 11.x course, you will learn how Citrix SD-WAN can simplify branch networking for your organization.
You’ll walk away understanding how to configure and manage SD-WAN, including the SD-WAN architecture, deployment options, provisioning, and how to use Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator in your environment.
Additional topics include: branch office deployment, SD-WAN monitoring, reporting, and diagnostics.

What you’ll learn

  • Initial configuration and management of Citrix SD-WAN
  • Deployment options available
  • Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator utilities and considerations
  • Citrix SD-WAN administration, including monitoring and reporting

Versions covered
This course is currently on
Citrix SD-WAN 11.x

Intended Audience

Built for IT Professionals working with Citrix SD-WAN, with little or no previous
SD-WAN experience. Potential students include networking administrators,
engineers, and architects interested in learning how to deploy or manage Citrix

Module 1: Citrix SD-WAN Overview
  • Citrix SD-WAN Use Cases
  • Citrix SD-WAN Technical Overview
  • Citrix SD-WAN Management
  • Citrix SD-WAN Architecture
  • Citrix SD-WAN Hardware Bypass
  • Citrix SD-WAN Packet Processing
  • Citrix SD-WAN Deployment Modes
  • Citrix SD-WAN Branch Office Deployment
  • Citrix SD-WAN Deployment Considerations
  • Citrix SD-WAN Configuration Process
  • Citrix SD-WAN Provisioning
  • Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator Overview
  • Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator Customer Onboarding
  • Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator Configuration
  • Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator Reporting
  • Citrix SD-WAN Administrative Tasks
  • Citrix SD-WAN Monitoring
  • Citrix SD-WAN Reporting
  • Citrix SD-WAN Diagnostics

CNS-231: Deploy and Manage Citrix SD-WAN 11.x Course Prerequisites:

  • Understanding of different computer networks such as LAN and WAN
  • Familiarity with data-carrying techniques, including Multi protocol
    Label Switching (MPLS), Metro Ethernet, and VPN tunneling
  • Understanding of techniques for increasing data transfer efficiencies /
    WAN optimization
Q: What is CNS-231: Deploy and Manage Citrix SD-WAN 11.x training?

A: CNS-231 is a training program provided by Citrix that focuses on deploying and managing Citrix SD-WAN (formerly known as NetScaler SD-WAN) version 11.x. The training equips participants with the knowledge and skills required to effectively deploy, configure, and manage Citrix SD-WAN solutions.Q: Who should attend this training?

A: CNS-231 training is designed for network administrators, engineers, and architects who are responsible for deploying and managing Citrix SD-WAN solutions. It is also beneficial for individuals preparing for the Citrix Certified Associate – Networking (CC-N) certification.

A: To make the most of CNS-231 training, participants should possess a solid understanding of networking concepts and technologies, including TCP/IP, routing protocols, and WAN technologies. Familiarity with basic networking principles and experience with Citrix ADC (formerly NetScaler) is recommended.

A: The training covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Introduction to Citrix SD-WAN architecture and components
  • Deployment models and platform considerations
  • Configuration of SD-WAN appliances and virtual instances
  • Establishing and managing SD-WAN connections and tunnels
  • Quality of Service (QoS) and traffic management configurations
  • Security and authentication configurations
  • Monitoring, reporting, and troubleshooting Citrix SD-WAN

A: Participants of CNS-231 training receive comprehensive course materials, including a student workbook and access to the Citrix training lab environment. The lab environment allows participants to gain hands-on experience in deploying and managing Citrix SD-WAN.

A: Yes, there is an exam associated with the CNS-231 training. Upon completing the training course, participants can choose to take the Citrix Certified Associate – Networking (CC-N) exam to validate their knowledge and skills in deploying and managing Citrix SD-WAN. The exam is administered separately from the training.

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