Create Pixel Perfect Reports using Analytics Cloud

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

Create Pixel Perfect Reports using Analytics Cloud Course Overview:

The Create Pixel Perfect Reports using Analytics Cloud certification validates the skill of generating precise reports that meet specific visual and data requirements using Salesforce’s analytics cloud tool. This certification involves expertise in data modeling, creating dashboards, and enhancing reports for accurate decision-making. Industries use this certification to gain valuable business insights, make data-driven decisions, allocate resources effectively, predict future trends, and monitor real-time performance across various business verticals. This leads to improved business efficiency and profitability.

Intended Audience:

  • Data analysts and data scientists
  • Marketing professionals
  • Professionals in report-building roles
  • IT professionals handling data in organizations
  • Business Intelligence (BI) consultants
  • Project Managers and Department Heads
  • Enterprise architects interested in data visualization
  • Graduates and professionals seeking a career in data analytics.

Learning Objectives of Create Pixel Perfect Reports using Analytics Cloud:

By the end of the Create Pixel Perfect Reports using Analytics Cloud course, learners should be able to:

  • Understand the concept of pixel perfect reports and their importance in analytics.
  • Navigate and utilize the functionalities of Analytics Cloud for creating pixel perfect reports.
  • Effectively leverage provided tools to manipulate data and produce accurate and visually appealing reports.
  • Interpret the reports created to make better data-driven decisions.
  • Troubleshoot common issues that may arise during report creation.
  • Apply best practices for pixel perfect reporting.

Module 1: Introduction

  • Log in to BI Publisher
  • Browse the Catalog and view Catalog objects
  • Manage the Catalog objects
  • Manage favorites
  • Create a simple report based on a predefined data model using the Report Wizard
  • View the reports
  • Configure report parameters and set report properties

Module 2: Data Model Editor

  • Understand the features of the Data Model Editor
  • Explore the supported Data Sources
  • Create a JDBC connection to the database
  • Define a private data source
  • Create and edit a data model based on SQL
  • Define parameters and a list of values

Module 3: Layout Editor

  • Describe the Layout Editor tool
  • Use Layout Editor to build report layouts
  • Work with various layout components
  • View and save layouts

Module 4: Template Builder

  • Describe the functions and features of Template Builder
  • Install Template Builder
  • Create RTF templates offline using sample XML data
  • Connect online to BI Publisher to create and publish RTF templates
  • Insert tables, forms, charts, and other components into RTF templates
  • Work with basic and form field methods
  • Work with advanced RTF template techniques
  • Understand Template Builder for Excel

Module 5: Scheduling and Bursting

  • Schedule reports
  • View report jobs and job history
  • Edit and Manage the scheduled reports
  • Schedule a report with triggers
  • Understand bursting
  • Add a bursting definition
  • Schedule reports for bursting

Module 6: Translations

  • Describe the types of translations and the options available in BI Publisher for performing translations
  • Create a localized template for translations by using Template Builder
  • Create a translation file

Module 7: Create Data Models and Reports Based on Other Data Sources

  • Create a BI Publisher report based on HTML (XML feed)
  • Create a BI Publisher report based on XML files
  • Create a BI Publisher report based on CSV files
  • Create a BI Publisher report based on MS Excel spreadsheets
  • Create a BI Publisher report based on BI Analyses
  • Create a BI Publisher report based on View Objects

Module 8: Administration

  • Describe BI Publisher administration tasks
  • Configure data sources
  • Configure delivery options
  • Verify the scheduler configuration
  • Manage the runtime configuration
  • Set object permissions

Create Pixel Perfect Reports using Analytics Cloud Course Prerequisites:

• Basic understanding of Analytics Cloud
• Knowledge of data visualization techniques
• Familiarity with Salesforce platform
• Proficiency in creating reports and dashboards
• Fundamental awareness of pixel perfect reporting
• Conceptual clarity on data modeling, extraction, and analysis.

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