Dark Web Forensic

Duration : 1 Day (8 Hours)

Dark Web Forensic Course Overview:

The Dark Web Forensic certification is designed to focus on the identification, securing, analysis, and presentation of digital evidence found on the dark web, an anonymous and encrypted segment of the Internet. This certification aims to help individuals understand the nature of activities on the dark web, master the tools for tracing illegal operations, and decrypt anonymized information. Industries utilize these specialized skills for cybersecurity, law enforcement, and risk mitigation purposes. Certified professionals can effectively detect cybersecurity threats, investigate digital crimes, conduct risk assessments, and bolster cyber defense measures. With the increasing cyber threats originating from the dark web, this certification has become indispensable for maintaining a secure cyber environment.

Intended Audience:

  • Cybersecurity professionals
  • Digital forensics analysts
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Intelligence agency personnel
  • Information security students
  • IT administrators
  • Legal professionals handling cybercrime cases
  • Cybercrime investigators
  • Individuals interested in cybersecurity advancements
  • Corporate security teams combating cyber threats.

Learning Objectives of Dark Web Forensic:

  1. Developing a profound understanding of the structure and functioning of the Dark Web, its components, and how it differs from the Surface Web.
  2. Gaining a competent understanding of various tools and methods used in Dark Web forensics.
  3. Enhancing skills to identify, trace, and analyze digital evidence found on the Dark Web.
  4. Learning to preserve and document digital evidence compliant with legal standards.
  5. Recognizing cybercrimes associated with the Dark Web and understanding their legal implications.
  6. Building strategies to mitigate threats and vulnerabilities associated with the Dark Web.
  7. Acquiring knowledge about ethical standards while conducting Dark Web forensics.
 Module 1: Technical background
  • TOR
  • Tumblers
  • Exit nodes
  • Drug markets
  • Financial crimes
  • Deviant markets
  • Terrorist markets
  • Step by step process
  • Specific guidance
  • Tor Crawlers
  • Keeping your identity safe and secure

Dark Web Forensic Course Prerequisites:

• Basic familiarity with internet protocols
• Understanding of cybersecurity fundamentals
• Knowledge of encryption and cryptography
• Proficiency in a programming language
• Ability to operate in a Linux environment
• Experience with forensics software and tools
• Training or experience in digital forensics.

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