Develop Web Services and Microservices with Java

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

Develop Web Services and Microservices with Java Course Overview:

The certification “Develop Web Services and Microservices with Java” assesses an individual’s advanced expertise in designing, developing, testing, and deploying web services and microservices. These skills are essential for creating scalable, efficient, and maintainable software systems across various industries, including finance, e-commerce, and healthcare. The certification requires a deep understanding of core concepts like RESTful and SOAP services, microservices architecture, as well as Spring Boot and Swagger.

Industries greatly benefit from professionals holding this certification as it facilitates seamless communication between applications, promotes reusability of components, and enhances agility in the software development process. Moreover, businesses can smoothly transition to a decentralized and cloud-friendly approach in their application development strategies.

Intended Audience:

• Java developers seeking to enhance their skills
• Software engineers wanting to learn about microservices
• IT professionals involved in web service development
• Computer science students interested in Java programming
• Technical project managers
• IT architect striving for knowledge in building scalable applications

Learning Objectives of Develop Web Services and Microservices with Java:

1. Understand the fundamental concepts of Web Services and Microservices, their architecture and benefits in Java programming.
2. Master the skills of developing and deploying Web Services using Java with hands-on training.
3. Learn to design and implement scalable Microservices using Spring Boot.
4. Gain proficiency in handling databases and caching in Microservices.
5. Grasp the know-how of Microservices testing, monitoring, security, and deployment on clouds.
6. Apply best practices of RESTful Web Service development.
7. Explore advanced topics like service discovery, circuit breaker, and centralized configuration in Microservices.
8. Incorporate effective error handling mechanism in Web Services and Microservices.
9. Gain practical knowledge through real-world project work that mimics professional work scenarios.
10. Adapt the latest tools and techniques for developing efficient Microservices in Java programming.

 Module 1: Develop Web Services and Microservice Applications with Java

 Module 2: Introduction to Web Services

 Module 3: Handle XML Using JAXB API

 Module 4: Create SOAP Services Using JAX-WS API

 Module 5: Invoke SOAP Services Using JAX-WS API

 Module 6: Handle JSON Using JSON-P and JSON-B APIs

 Module 7: Build REST Services Using JAX-RS API

 Module 8: Invoke REST Services

 Module 9: WebServices Security and Policies

 Module 10: Service Architecture

Develop Web Services and Microservices with Java Course Prerequisites:

• Strong foundational knowledge of Java programming language.
• Familiarity with the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
• Understanding of Java frameworks like Spring and Hibernate.
• Previous experience with RESTful APIs.
• Knowledge of software development principles and lifecycle.
• Basic understanding of Microservice architecture.

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