Developing Applications for Cisco Webex and Webex Devices (DEVWBX) v1.1

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

Developing Applications for Cisco Webex and Webex Devices (DEVWBX) v1.1 Course Overview:

In the Developing Applications for Cisco Webex and Webex Devices (DEVWBX) v1.1 course, you will gain the knowledge and skills required to utilize the programmability features of Cisco Webex. Cisco Webex is an enterprise solution that provides video conferencing, online meetings, training, webinars, cloud calling, and collaboration services.

Throughout the course, you will learn about various aspects of Webex programmability. The topics covered include:

  1. Webex API Foundation: Understand the fundamentals of the Webex Application Programming Interface (API) and its capabilities.
  2. Meetings: Learn how to leverage Webex APIs to extend the functionality of meetings, including creating, modifying, and managing meetings programmatically.
  3. Devices: Explore the programmability features of Webex devices and learn how to integrate and control devices using APIs.
  4. Teams and Messaging: Understand how to use Webex APIs to manage teams and messaging, including creating, updating, and retrieving team information and messages.
  5. Embedding Cisco Webex: Learn how to embed Webex functionality into other applications and platforms using APIs.
  6. Administration and Compliance: Explore the administrative capabilities of Webex APIs, including user management, policy enforcement, and compliance.

Through a combination of lessons and hands-on labs, you will have practical experience working with Webex APIs and implementing various functionalities. You will learn how to extend the capabilities of teams, meetings, and devices using Webex APIs, and how to automate tasks, administer the Webex environment, and enforce compliance using these APIs.

This course prepares you for the 300-920 Developing Applications for Cisco Webex and Webex Devices (DEVWBX) exam. You will also earn 40 Continuing Education (CE) credits toward recertification.

How you’ll benefit
This course will help you:
● Learn how to use the integrated communication features of the Webex platform for secure virtual meetings, data sharing, videoconferencing, mobility, and team collaboration
● Gain hands-on experience using agile Webex tools for interactive communication and adding Webex functionalities to existing applications
● Earn 40 CE credits toward recertification
● Prepare for the 300-920 DEVWBX exam

What to expect in the exam
The 300-920 DEVWBX exam certifies your knowledge and skills related to Webex API foundations, Webex meetings, WebEx devices, messaging, embedding Webex, and administration and compliance.

After you pass 300-920 DEVWBX exam, you earn the Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist – Webex certification, and you satisfy the concentration exam requirement for the Cisco Certified DevNet Professional certification.

Who should enroll
This course is designed for professionals in job roles such as:
● Communication engineers
● Project managers
● Network engineers
● Software engineers
● System architects

Technology areas
● Network automation


After taking this course, you should be able to:
● Describe and use Webex APIs, authentication, and documentation
● Manage meetings using the Webex Meetings Representational State Transfer (REST) API and Extensible Markup Language (XML) API
● Manage and extend Cisco Collaboration Devices with Experience API (xAPI), macros, and user interface customizations
● Program with WebEx teams REST API, cards, webhooks, and bots
● Embed Webex collaboration features into web and mobile applications using the Webex teams JavaScript SDK, widgets, and mobile Software Development Kits (SDKs)
● Manage Webex administration and compliance using JavaScript

● Introducing Webex APIs Foundations
◦ Webex as an Extensible Platform
● Building Cisco Webex Teams Applications
◦ Introduction to Webex Messaging
● Developing with Webex Meetings XML API
◦ Describe the Capabilities of Cisco Webex Meetings APIs
● Automating and Extending Cisco Collaboration Devices with xAPI
◦ Overview, Capabilities and Transport Methods for Cisco Endpoint Device Programmability
● Embedding Cisco Webex
◦ Benefits of Embedding Cisco Webex into Other Applications
● Managing Administration and Compliance with Cisco Webex APIs
◦ Administer a Cisco Webex Organization

● Experience the Webex APIs Documentation and Use the Webex Teams API
● Configure Authentication and Invoke the Webex Teams API
● Create and Retrieve Messages with JavaScript
● Create a Webex Card
● Building a Webex Bot Using Botkit
● Configure a Webex Integration
● Manage Users, Schedule and Edit a Meeting, and Download a Recording
● Using xAPI for Cisco Collaboration Endpoint Devices
● Add Cisco Webex Teams Widget to a Web Page
● Call, Share Screen, and Send Messages with the Browser SDK
● Create a User and View License Usage
● Retrieve Created Messages to Take a Compliance Action

Before taking this course, you should have the following knowledge and skills:
● Basic programming knowledge
● JavaScript, Node.js, JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), REST syntax and uses, and Visual Studio Code
Integrated Development Environment (IDE) familiarity
● Knowledge of Webex products usage and administration: Webex Teams, Meetings, and devices

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