Digital Forensics Essentials (DFE)

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

Digital Forensics Essentials (DFE) Course Overview:

The Digital Forensics Essentials (DFE) certification is a credential that validates an individual’s proficiency in handling and analyzing digital evidence with a standardized methodology. This certification is widely recognized in industries such as law enforcement, cybersecurity, and the legal sector. It focuses on mastering techniques to locate and examine data stored in digital devices, ensuring its integrity and relevance for legal processes. DFE-certified professionals excel in identifying, preserving, and presenting digital evidence related to various digital crimes and intrusions. They possess essential skills that aid industries in investigating cyber threats, fraud, and ensuring data compliance.

Intended Audience:

• Law enforcement officers
• Legal professionals
• Network security officers
• IT professionals
• Data analysts
• Corporate management
• Regulatory compliance staff
• Individuals interested in digital forensics career
• University students studying cyber security
• Cybersecurity consultants.

Learning Objectives of Digital Forensics Essentials (DFE) :

  1. Investigate Digital Crimes: Equip students with skills to effectively investigate and analyze digital crimes.
  2. Understand Basic Concepts of Digital Forensics: Develop a clear understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles of digital forensics, including data recovery, evidence handling, and reporting.
  3. Apply Forensic Tools and Techniques: Learn to apply appropriate forensic tools and techniques to conduct effective digital investigations.
  4. Maintain Ethical Standards and Legal Procedures: Develop the ability to maintain ethical standards and adhere to legal procedures when handling digital evidence.
  5. Preserve Integrity of Digital Evidence: Learn techniques to ensure the integrity and reliability of digital evidence during the forensic process.
  6. Devise Digital Forensic Strategies: Develop the skills to devise digital forensic strategies suitable for various investigative scenarios.

Module 01: Computer Forensics Fundamentals

Module 02: Computer Forensics Investigation Process

Module 03: Understanding Hard Disks and File Systems

Module 04: Data Acquisition and Duplication

Module 05: Defeating Anti-forensics Techniques

Module 06: Windows Forensics

Module 07: Linux and Mac Forensics

Module 08: Network Forensics

Module 09: Investigating Web Attacks

Module 10: Dark Web Forensics

Module 11: Investigating Email Crimes

Module 12: Malware Forensics

Digital Forensics Essentials (DFE) Course Prerequisites:

• Knowledge of IT fundamentals such as networking, systems administration
• Basic understanding of information security principles
• Familiarity with legal and compliance procedures associated with digital forensic investigations
• Skills in data recovery and handling digital evidence
• Previous hands-on experience in information technology or cybersecurity.

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