FortiAnalyzer Administrator

Duration : 1 Day (6 Hours)

FortiAnalyzer Administrator Course Overview:

In this course, you will acquire the knowledge and skills required to deploy, configure, and secure FortiAnalyzer. Additionally, you’ll learn how to register and manage devices within FortiAnalyzer. Lastly, you’ll explore the essentials of logging and reporting management features offered by FortiAnalyzer. These competencies will lay a strong foundation for a career as a proficient FortiAnalyzer administrator.

Intended Audience:

  • Anyone who is responsible for the day-to-day management of FortiAnalyzer devices should attend this course.

Learning Objectives of FortiAnalyzer Administrator:

Upon completing this course, you will have the following capabilities:

  • Explain the purpose of FortiAnalyzer.
  • Describe the various operating modes of FortiAnalyzer.
  • Understand the significance of logging in a Fortinet Security Fabric environment.
  • Describe FortiAnalyzer Fabric.
  • Manage administrative domains (ADOMs) effectively.
  • Configure network settings within FortiAnalyzer.
  • Set up secure administrative access to FortiAnalyzer.
  • Manage disk quotas for storage.
  • Perform system configuration backups.
  • Manage RAID configurations.
  • Implement High Availability (HA) for redundancy.
  • Register and manage devices within FortiAnalyzer.
  • Describe the workflow of log files.
  • Perform log backups as needed.
  • Understand Fabric connectors and their functionality.
  • Configure log redundancy and encryption.
  • Establish log rollover and retention policies.
  • Manage and utilize reporting features within FortiAnalyzer.
  • Introduction and Initial Configuration
  • Administration and Management
  • RAID and HA
  • Device Management
  • Logs and Reports Management

FortiAnalyzer Administrator Course Prerequisites:

  • Familiarity with all topics presented in the NSE 4 FortiGate Security and NSE 4 FortiGate Infrastructure courses.

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