Duration : 2 Days (12 Hours)

FortiEDR Course Overview:

In this class, you will acquire the skills to utilize FortiEDR for safeguarding your endpoints against advanced attacks, leveraging real-time orchestrated incident response capabilities. Additionally, you will delve into FortiEDR features and their automated real-time endpoint protection mechanisms.

Intended Audience:

  • IT and security professionals involved in the administration and support of FortiEDR should attend this course.

Learning Objectives of FortiEDR:

Upon completing this course, you should have the following abilities:

  • Explain the FortiEDR approach and understand its operational principles.
  • Identify the communicating components of FortiEDR and configure them.
  • Perform essential administrative tasks, including managing console users, updating collectors, ensuring compliance with GDPR by deleting personal data, deploying a multi-tenant environment, and viewing system events.
  • Recognize the function and operation of Fortinet Cloud Service.
  • Execute basic tasks within each section of the management console, including the Dashboard, Event Viewer, Forensics tab, Threat Hunting module, Communication Control, Security Policies, Playbooks, Inventory, and Administration tab.
  • Manage security events and their statuses effectively.
  • Block communication from applications that may be risky or unwanted but not inherently malicious.
  • Detect and remove malicious executables across all devices in your environment.
  • Understand the integration of FortiEDR with the Fortinet Security Fabric and how FortiXDR operates.
  • Utilize RESTful API to manage your FortiEDR environment.
  • Prioritize, investigate, and analyze security events.
  • Remediate malicious events and create exceptions to allow safe processes.
  • Perform basic troubleshooting tasks on all FortiEDR components.
  • Retrieve collector logs and memory dumps when necessary.
  • Product Overview and Installation
  • Administration
  • Security Policies
  • Fortinet Cloud Service and Playbooks
  • Communication Control
  • Events and Alerting
  • Threat Hunting and Forensics
  • Fortinet Security Fabric Integration and FortiXDR
  • RESTful API
  • Troubleshooting

FortiEDR Course Prerequisites:

  • A basic understanding of cybersecurity concepts

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