Implementing Aruba Network Security, Rev. 22.21

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

Implementing Aruba Network Security, Rev. 22.21 Course Overview:

The Implementing Aruba Network Security, Rev. 22.21 certification holds a prominent position within the networking industry, underlining its significance. This certification places a strong emphasis on the essential principles and techniques necessary for designing and maintaining secure networking solutions within Aruba’s ecosystem. It serves as a testament to a professional’s proficiency in comprehending Aruba’s network architecture, network access control, mobility, and firewall management. Industries with a paramount focus on network security, such as IT, healthcare, finance, and government, greatly value this certification. Professionals holding this credential are entrusted to effectively handle, troubleshoot, and secure critical networking components, thereby ensuring uninterrupted business operations and safeguarding data integrity. The primary advantages for businesses encompass a reduction in security vulnerabilities and the optimization of network performance.

Intended Audience:

  • Network Security Professionals
  • IT Security Managers and Administrators
  • Network Architects and Designers
  • System Integrators Specializing in Network Security
  • IT Consultants Focusing on Aruba Solutions
  • Network Engineers with a Security Focus
  • IT Managers Responsible for Network Security
  • Professionals in Industries with Stringent Security Requirements (e.g., healthcare, finance, government)
  • Anyone Seeking Expertise in Aruba Network Security Solutions

Learning Objectives of Implementing Aruba Network Security, Rev. 22.21:

The Implementing Aruba Network Security course encompasses the following key learning objectives:

  • Attain a comprehensive understanding of Aruba’s network security products and their practical applications.
  • Develop proficiency in implementing, managing, and troubleshooting Aruba’s network security solutions to fortify enterprise defenses against security threats.
  • Familiarize oneself with various techniques for effective network access management, identity verification, data confidentiality assurance, and network integrity maintenance.
  • Cultivate skills in configuring Aruba’s security features for both wireless and wired networks, including ClearPass Guest, OnGuard, and Insight services.
  • Prepare and equip students with the requisite knowledge and abilities to successfully undertake the Aruba Certified Security Professional (ACSP) examination.

Module 1: Aruba Security Strategy & ClearPass Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Aruba Zero Trust Security
  • Application of Aruba solutions to different security vectors

Module 2: Deploy Trusted Certificates to Aruba Solutions

  • Understanding PKI dependencies
  • Setting up certificates and trusted root CAs on ClearPass Policy Manager (CPPM)

Module 3: Implement Certificate-Based 802.1x

  • Deployment of AAA for WLANs using CPPM
  • Implementation of certificate-based authentication for users and devices

Module 4: Implement Advanced Policies on the Role-Based ArubaOS Firewall

  • Deployment of AAA for WLANs using CPPM
  • Definition and application of advanced firewall policies

Module 5: Evaluate Endpoint Posture

  • Assessment of endpoint posture

Module 6: Implement 802.1X and Role-Based Access Control on AOS-CX

  • Deployment of AAA for wired devices using CPPM, including local and downloadable roles
  • Explanation of Dynamic Segmentation and its benefits and use cases
  • Deployment of Dynamic Segmentation using VLAN steering
  • Configuration of 802.1X authentication for applications

Module 7: Monitor with Network Analytics Engine (NAE)

  • Deployment and utilization of Network Analytics Engine (NAE) agents for monitoring

Module 8: Implement WIDS/WIPS

  • Explanation of Aruba WIPS and WIDS technology
  • Configuration of AP rogue detection and mitigation

Module 9: Use CPPM and Third-Party Integration to Mitigate Threats

  • Description of log types and levels and use of CPPM Ingress Event Engine for third-party logging integration
  • Setup of integration between Aruba infrastructure and CPPM for threat mitigation

Module 10: Implement Device Profiling with CPPM

  • Explanation of endpoint classification methods on CPPM, including active and passive methods
  • Deployment and application of endpoint classification to devices
  • Analysis of endpoint classification data on CPPM to identify risks

Module 11: Deploy ClearPass Device Insight

  • Definition and deployment of ClearPass Device Insight (CPDI)
  • Analysis of endpoint classification data on CPDI

Module 12: Integrate CPDI with CPPM

  • Integration of ClearPass Policy Manager (CPPM) and ClearPass Device Insight (CPDI)
  • Threat mitigation using CPDI to identify traffic flows and apply tags, with CPPM taking actions based on tags

Module 13: Establish a Secure Remote Access

  • Explanation of VPN concepts
  • Understanding of Aruba SD-WAN solutions for automated VPN deployment in the WAN
  • Description of the Aruba 9×00 Series Gateways
  • Design and deployment of remote VPNs using Aruba VIA

Module 14: Configure Aruba Gateway IDS/IPS

  • Description of the Aruba 9×00 Series Gateways
  • Definition and application of UTM (Unified Threat Management) policies

Implementing Aruba Network Security, Rev. 22.21 Course Prerequisites:

  • A foundational understanding of network principles.
  • Familiarity with Aruba products and software.
  • Knowledge of basic cybersecurity concepts.
  • Understanding of wireless network technology.
  • Experience in designing and implementing network solutions.
  • Proficiency in troubleshooting network security issues.
  • Capability to comprehend complex network architectures.

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