Implementing Cisco Multicast (MCAST)

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

Implementing Cisco Multicast (MCAST) Course Overview:

What you’ll learn in this course
The Implementing Cisco Multicast (MCAST) v2.0 course is designed to provide you with a solid foundation in IP multicasting. Through this course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of multicast applications, sources, receivers, group management, and IP multicast routing protocols, such as Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM), used within a single administrative domain.

The course covers various topics, including the challenges and solutions related to IP multicasting in switched LAN environments. You will also explore reliable IP multicasting and technical solutions for deploying IP multicast in provider or customer networks. Configuration and troubleshooting guidelines for implementing IP multicast on Cisco® routers will be reviewed.

Hands-on labs are an integral part of this course, providing you with practical experience to reinforce your learning. Through these labs, you will gain the necessary skills and confidence to successfully deploy IP multicast in real-world scenarios.

By the end of this course, you will possess the knowledge and skills to effectively implement and troubleshoot IP multicast on Cisco routers. You will be equipped with the technical expertise to address multicast-related challenges and confidently deploy IP multicasting in various network environments.

Enroll in the Implementing Cisco Multicast (MCAST) v2.0 course and unlock your potential to master IP multicasting. Gain a comprehensive understanding of multicast concepts, routing protocols, and implementation guidelines. Develop hands-on expertise through labs to ensure successful deployment and troubleshooting of IP multicast within your network environment.

How you’ll benefit
This course will help you:
● Gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals of IP multicasting
● Understand the configuration and troubleshooting guidelines for implementation of IP multicast on Cisco routers
● Prepare to deploy IP multicast within a provider or customer network

Who should enroll
● Network professionals
● Systems engineers
● Partners
● Customers

Technology areas
● Networking


After taking this course, you should be able to:
● Describe IP multicast services
● Identify IP multicast issues on a data link layer
● Explain why Protocol Independent Multicast Sparse Mode (PIM-SM) is the most current scalable IP multicast routing protocol
● Describe Rendezvous Point (RP) distribution solutions
● Recognize the drawbacks of the PIM-SM and describe two extensions to provide possible solutions
● Explain basic concepts of Multiprotocol BGP (MP-BGP) and its use in the IP multicast environment
● Configure and deploy Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP) in the interdomain environment
● Describe solutions to mitigate security issues in the IP multicast network
● Describe the process of monitoring and maintaining multicast high-availability operations
● Design multicast-related application and network solutions in customer and service provider networks

Course Introduction
● IP Multicast Concepts and Technologies
◦ Introducing IP Multicast
◦ Understanding the Multicast Service Model
● Multicast on the LAN
◦ Mapping Layer 3 to Layer 2
◦ Working with Cisco Group Management Protocol
● PIM Sparse Mode
◦ Introducing Protocol Independent Multicast Sparse Mode
◦ Understanding PIM-SM Protocol Mechanics
● Rendezvous Point Engineering
◦ Identifying RP Distribution Solutions
◦ Implementing Auto-RP
● PIM Sparse Mode Protocol Extensions
◦ Introducing Source-Specific Multicast (SSM)
◦ Configuring and Monitoring SSM

● Multiprotocol Extensions for BGP
◦ Introducing MP-BGP
◦ Configuring and Monitoring MP-BGP
● Interdomain IP Multicast
◦ Examining Dynamic Interdomain IP Multicast
◦ Explaining Multicast Source Discovery Protocol
● IP Multicast Security
◦ Introducing IP Multicast and Security
◦ Securing a Multicast Network
● Multicast Optimization and High-Availability Features
◦ Using Multicast Optimization and High-Availability Features
● Applications of Multicast
◦ Exploring IP Multicast and Video Applications
◦ Using IP Multicast in Mission-Critical Environments

● Layer 2 and Layer 3 Multicast
● PIM-SM Protocol Basics
● PIM-SM Protocol Mechanics and Timers
● PIM Sparse-Dense Mode and Manual RP Configuration
● Configuring Dynamic RP Information Distribution
● Bidirectional PIM
● Source-Specific Multicast
● Anycast RP, External MP-BGP, and MSDP Peering

We recommend that you have the following knowledge and skills before taking this course:
● Work experience and configuration skills for Cisco routers and LAN switches

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