Implementing Converged SDN Transport Solutions (SPSDNTXP)

Duration: 4 Days (32 Hours)

Implementing Converged SDN Transport Solutions (SPSDNTXP) Course Overview:

What you’ll learn in this course
The Implementing Converged SDN Transport Solutions (SPSDNTXP) v1.0 course provides an introduction to Software-Defined Networking (SDN)-ready architecture. This architecture revolutionizes traditional Metro network design by enabling a programmable network that can deliver a wide range of services, including residential, business, 5G mobile backhauling, video, and IoT. The premise of this architecture is simplicity, full programmability, and cloud integration with guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs).

Throughout this course, you will explore the evolution of service provider design principles, including Unified Multi protocol Label Switching (MPLS), Evolved Programmable Networks, and the Cisco® Compass Metro Fabric. These principles form the foundation for the SDN-enabled programmable network.

You will also have the opportunity to examine and configure individual components of the design, with a specific focus on segment routing and its supporting features. Segment routing is a key technology that enables efficient and scalable traffic engineering in SDN networks.

By the end of this course, you will possess a comprehensive understanding of SDN-ready architecture and its implications for service provider networks. You will be familiar with the key design principles and technologies, including Unified MPLS, Evolved Programmable Networks, and segment routing. Through hands-on configuration exercises, you will gain practical experience in implementing and optimizing SDN transport solutions.

Enroll in the Implementing Converged SDN Transport Solutions (SPSDNTXP) v1.0 course and unlock your potential to revolutionize service provider networks. Acquire the knowledge and skills to design, deploy, and manage SDN-enabled programmable networks capable of delivering diverse services with simplicity, full programmability, and cloud integration. Master the principles of Unified MPLS, Evolved Programmable Networks, and segment routing to optimize traffic engineering and ensure efficient service delivery.

How you’ll benefit
This course will help you:
● Describe the Converged SDN Transport solution
● Describe the basic implementation of SDN component features
● Establish a foundation to take a deeper dive into SDN solutions

Who should enroll
This course is suited for the following audiences:
● Network architects
● Network engineers
● Network consulting engineers
● Customer support engineers

Technology areas
● Software-defined networking


After taking this course, you should be able to:
● Introduce and examine the evolution of service provider design principles
● Introduce and review the basic building blocks of segment routing and its place within the service provider infrastructure
● Implement various technologies within segment routing to provide additional availability or to meet the Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
● Identify and deploy an SDN controller to support a multidomain segment routing for traffic engineering (SR-TE) network
● Describe different VPNs and services
● Explain how to configure and verify Ethernet VPN (EVPN) Native and EVPN Virtual Private Wire Service (VPWS)
● Describe how to configure and verify the Layer 3 VPN
● Explain network operation simplification and automation foundation
● Describe how to automate service provider network configurations with Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO)
● Describe how to automate the service provider WAN with Cisco WAN Automation Engine (WAE)
● Explore different converged SDN transport use cases

● Converged SDN Transport Fundamentals
● Introducing Segment Routing
● Segment Routing Topology-Independent Loop-Free Alternative (TI-LFA) and Traffic Engineering (TE)
● Multidomain SR-TE
● VPN and Services Overview
● EVPN Layer 2 Basics
● Layer 3 VPNs
● Operation Simplification and Automation Foundation
● Network Orchestration Using NSO
● Network Automation Using Cisco WAE

  • Configure and Verify Segment Routing
  • Configure and Verify SR TI-LFA
  • Configure and Verify SR-TE
  • Configure and Verify Multidomain SR-TE
  • Configure and Verify Basic EVPN
  • Configure and Verify Layer 3 VPN
  • Cisco NSO Overview
  • Cisco WAE Overview

To fully benefit from this course, you should have:
● Knowledge of general networking concepts
● Experience working with CLI-based network devices

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