Implementing VMware vSphere on ONTAP

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

Implementing VMware vSphere on ONTAP Course Overview:

The VMware vSphere on ONTAP certification validates an individual’s ability to effectively manage virtualization tasks on NetApp storage systems and VMware. This certification focuses on leveraging the integrated capabilities of VMware vSphere and NetApp ONTAP to enhance data management, efficiency, and performance within a virtual environment. It is highly valuable in industries such as IT and Data Center management where data efficiency and reliability are critical. This certification equips professionals to optimize virtual machines, improve data center efficiency, and effectively manage storage resources. Key areas of focus include integrating vSphere with ONTAP storage and configuring virtualization components for optimal performance and resource utilization.

Intended Audience:

• IT professionals looking to enhance their knowledge about VMware vSphere and ONTAP integration.
• Network administrators managing the virtual environment based on VMware and NetApp.
• Data storage and virtualization engineers.
• System administrators interested in learning about ONTAP storage systems in a VMware vSphere environment.
• Tech consultants seeking to provide better solutions on VMware and NetApp integration to their clients.

Learning Objectives of Implementing VMware vSphere on ONTAP:

The learning objectives of the Implementing VMware vSphere on ONTAP course are designed to provide learners with the knowledge and expertise needed to implement and manage VMware vSphere environments on NetApp ONTAP storage systems. This course aims to teach individuals how to configure and manage NFS and iSCSI datastores, create and manage VMs using ONTAP storage, and utilize NetApp tools for vSphere management. Learners will also acquire the skills to troubleshoot common vSphere and ONTAP issues, optimize storage and compute resources, and effectively utilize data protection and high availability features of ONTAP software for vSphere.

 Module 1: Overview of ONTAP for vSphere

  • NetApp storage in a virtualized environment
  • NetApp Unified virtual appliance
  • Datastore types that VSC creates

 Module 2: Introduction to Virtual Storage Console (VSC)

  • Unified virtual appliance (UVA) installation
  • UVA key features
  • NetApp VSC integration with vCenter
  • ONTAP configuration for VSC operation

 Module 3: Provisioning Traditional Datastores by Using VSC

  • Basic IP networking and datastore considerations
  • Creating NFS datastores by using VSC and System Manager
  • Using the NFS datastore wizard
  • VMFS datastores
  • iSCSI VMFS datastores
  • FC VMFS datastores

 Module 4: Provisioning VVols Datastores by Using VSC

  • VVols concepts
  • NetApp VASA provider
  • Storage policies and profiles
  • Managing VVols
  • On-Demand moving, copying and restoring of virtual disks

 Module 5: Monitoring Performance and Quality of Service (QoS)

  • VSC performance dashboards
  • NetApp QoS features
  • NetApp and VMware QoS use cases

 Module 6: Data Protection

  • SnapCenter plug-in for VMware vSphere
  • Veeam and Commvault backup solutions

 Module 7: Labs:

  • Configuring clusters, vCenter and the VSC management interface
  • Configuring virtual storage console
  • Using VSC to Provision traditional SAN and NAS datastores
  • Creating and managing VVols
  • Monitoring the performance of datastores and VMs
  • Implementing configuration scenarios

Implementing VMware vSphere on ONTAP Course Prerequisites:

• Knowledge of VMware environment and vSphere
• Basic understanding of NetApp storage system operations
• Familiarity with ONTAP software
• Experience in system administration or VMware infrastructure management
• Prior training or certification in network administration or data management
• Hands-on experience with server virtualization technologies.

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