Java Performance Tuning Ed 1

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

Java Performance Tuning Ed 1 Course Overview:

The Java Performance Tuning Ed 1 certification is a prestigious technical credential that confirms an individual’s expertise in enhancing the performance of Java applications. It encompasses optimizing throughput and latency, efficient memory management, and diagnosing performance challenges. Industries leverage this certification to evaluate candidates’ mastery of debugging, monitoring, and improving enterprise-level Java application performance through tools and best practices. Certified professionals ensure streamlined, quicker, and more effective software solutions, leading to reduced overhead, enhanced profitability, and improved user contentment.

Intended Audience:

• Professional Java Developers
• Software Engineers specializing in Java
• System Administrators handling Java Applications
• IT professionals seeking to improve Java application performance
• Java Programmers wishing to advance their skills
• Teams dealing with performance bottlenecks in their Java code
• Technical Architects using Java technologies.

Learning Objectives of Java Performance Tuning Ed 1:

The primary learning objective of the Java Performance Tuning Ed 1 course is to equip participants with the skills and knowledge to enhance the performance of Java applications. Students will systematically analyze Java performance tuning, identifying areas for improvement. They will optimize garbage collection and memory management, enhance I/O and network resources, and leverage Java’s multi-threading capabilities for enhanced performance. Participants will also learn to use various tools to monitor, profile, and diagnose performance issues within the system. Additionally, the course aims to foster an understanding of how JVM implementations and operating systems interact, significantly influencing Java application performance.

 Module 1: Course Overview

  • Introduce course

 Module 2: Java Virtual Machine and Performance Overview

  • JVM Overview
  • What is Performance?
  • Performance Methodology

 Module 3: The JVM and Java Garbage Collection

  • HotSpot GC Basics
  • The GC Aging Process
  • G1 GC

 Module 4: Java Garbage Collectors

  • Garbage Collecting Algorithms
  • Types of GC Collectors
  • JVM Ergonomics

 Module 5: Command Line JVM Monitoring

  • GC Monitoring Options
  • JIT Monitoring Options

 Module 6: Mission Control and JVM Monitoring Tools

  • Monitoring with VisualVM
  • Monitoring with Mission Control
  • Java Flight Recorder
  • Creating Flight Recordings
  • Analyze a Flight Recording

 Module 7: Monitoring Operating System Performance

  • Monitoring CPU Usage
  • Monitoring Memory Usage
  • Monitoring Network I/O
  • Monitoring Disk I/O
  • Monitoring Processes

 Module 8: Performance Profiling Tools

  • Overview of Profiling Tools
  • CPU Profiling
  • Heap Profiling

Java Performance Tuning Ed 1 Course Prerequisites:

• Sound understanding of the Java programming language
• Basic knowledge of computer systems
• Familiarity with Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
• Understanding of Java performance metrics, garbage collection, and profiling tools
• Proficiency in using Java Performance Tuning tools
• Experience in writing and analysing Java code for performance improvements.

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