Java SE 8 New Features Ed 1

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

Java SE 8 New Features Ed 1 Course Overview:

The Java SE 8 New Features Ed 1 certification validates a professional’s grasp of the Java SE 8 platform’s latest additions. It assesses proficiency in utilizing lambda expressions, functional interfaces, method references, stream API, and date/time API. Certified individuals showcase their ability to harness Java SE 8 updates for enhanced application development. Industries utilize this certification to assess potential hires or enhance their teams’ skills, ensuring alignment with Java’s evolving landscape.

Intended Audience:

• Experienced Java professionals
• Developers seeking to upgrade to Java SE 8
• Programmers interested in new features of Java SE 8
• IT specialists needing Java SE 8 for project implementation
• Individuals preparing for Java SE 8 certification exams

Learning Objectives of Java SE 8 New Features Ed 1:

In the Java SE 8 New Features Ed 1 course, the key learning objectives encompass a comprehensive grasp and practical application of the novel features introduced in Java SE 8. This involves a thorough understanding of Lambda expressions and their transformative impact on Java programming. Learners will adeptly employ the Stream API to streamline data manipulation, while also mastering the Date/Time API for efficient date and time management. The course seeks to impart proficiency in leveraging enhancements in parallelism and concurrency. Furthermore, participants will become adept at utilizing Java SE 8’s novel interface methods and honing their skills in JavaFX for enhanced graphical user interface development.

Module 1: Course Introduction  

Module 2: Introducing Lambda Expressions

  • Describing the purpose of an anonymous inner class
  • Describing drawbacks to anonymous inner classes
  • Describing the components of a lambda expression
  • Defining a functional interface
  • Creating programs that use lambda expressions

 Module 3: A Case for Lambda Expressions

  • Listing the benefits of lambda expressions
  • Discussing the reasons for adding lambda expressions to the Java language
  • Reviewing the standard way of extracting data in Java
  • Refactoring code to reduce redundancy
  • Refactoring code to use inner classes
  • Refactoring code to use lambda expressions

 Module 4: Filtering Collections with Lambdas

  • Iterating though a collection with forEach
  • Comparing function and imperative programming

 Module 5: Using Built in Lambda Types

  • Listing the built in interfaces included in java.util.function
  • Determining true or false with a Predicate
  • Processing an object and return nothing with Consumer
  • Processing one object and return another with Function
  • Generating a new object with Supplier
  • Using primitive versions of the base interfaces
  • Using binary versions of the base interfaces

 Module 6: Collection Operations with Lambda

  • Searching for data using search methods
  • Performing calculations using methods

 Module 7: Parallel Streams

  • Contrasting old style loop operations with streams
  • Listing the key assumptions needed to use a parallel pipeline

 Module 8: Lambda Cookbook

  • Modifying a list using removeIf
  • Updating a list using replaceAll
  • Updating a map using computeIfAbsent, computerIfPresent, and merge
  • Sending the keys and values from a map to a stream
  • Reading a file to a stream
  • Reading a text file into an ArrayList
  • List, walk, and search a directory structure using a stream
  • Flattening a stream using flatMap

 Module 9: Method Enhancements

  • Considering the importance of building good libraries
  • Using static methods in Interfaces
  • Using default methods
  • Understanding default method inheritance rules

 Module 10: Using the Date/Time API: Working with Local Dates and Times

  • Listing the goals of the Date/Time API (JSR-310)

 Module 11: Using the Date/Time API: Working with Time Zones

  • Working with dates and times across time-zones and manage changes resulting from daylight savings

 Module 12: Using the Date/Time API: Working with Date and Time Amounts

  • Details are not available.

 Module 13: JavaScript on Java with Nashorn: Creating and executing shell scripts

  • Creating and execute shell scripts using JavaScript and Nashorn

 Module 14: JavaScript on Java with Nashorn: Writing JavaScript Applications

  • Developing JavaScript applications that leverage Java code using Nashorn

 Module 15: JavaScript on Java with Nashorn: Writing JavaFX Applications Using JavaScript

  • Running JavaScript script from Java applications usingJSR-223
  • Prototype JavaFX applications using Nashorn and JavaScript

 Module 16: Intro to Mission Control

  • Describing JMX and Managed Beans with Mission Control
  • Monitoring CPU utilization with Mission Control
  • Analyzing JVM characteristics with Mission Control
  • Analyzing heap memory with Mission Control

 Module 17: Intro to Flight Recorder

  • Describing the Java Flight Recorder
  • Describing the Java Flight Recorder Architecture
  • Starting a Java Flight Recording
  • Managing a Java Flight Recording
  • Analyzing a Java Flight Recording

Java SE 8 New Features Ed 1 Course Prerequisites:

• Proficient in Java Programming Language
• Professional experience developing Java code
• Knowledge of object-oriented programming concepts
• Good understanding of Java SE 7 features & updates
• Basic understanding of database concepts, SQL and distributed computing
• Familiarity with Integrated Development Environment tools
• Experience in working with Java Platform, Standard Edition.

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