Juniper Wireless Networks with Mist AI

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Juniper Wireless Networks with Mist AI Training Course Overview

In this four-day course, participants will acquire comprehensive knowledge of enterprise wireless technologies and Mist AI-driven Wi-Fi networks. The curriculum covers a deep understanding of Wi-Fi technologies and Mist-specific technologies, emphasizing practical usage and configuration. Through a combination of demonstrations and hands-on labs, participants will engage with the features and functionalities of Mist AI-driven Wi-Fi, gaining valuable experience in its implementation and management. The course is designed to equip students with the skills and insights necessary to effectively work with and leverage Mist AI-driven Wi-Fi networks in enterprise settings.

Intended Audience For Juniper Wireless Networks with Mist AI Training

  • Network Administrators
  • Wireless Network Engineers
  • IT Professionals responsible for enterprise wireless technologies
  • System Integrators working with Juniper Networks solutions
  • IT Managers and Decision-Makers involved in network infrastructure planning
  • Individuals seeking to enhance their skills in Mist AI-driven Wi-Fi networks
  • Networking professionals interested in Juniper’s wireless technologies and solutions.

Learning objectives for the Juniper Wireless Networks with Mist AI training course

  • Introduce the IEEE 802.11 standard and amendments.
  • Describe Wi-Fi frequency bands.
  • Apply radio frequency basics in Wi-Fi networks.
  • Identify how modulation and coding make up Wi-Fi.
  • Describe the inter-workings of association and roaming.
  • Describe network contention factors.
  • Define WLANs.
  • Introduce Mist.
  • Describe Mist configuration objects for Wi-Fi.
  • Explain Juniper access points and their configuration options.
  • Describe Mist’s WLAN configuration objects.
  • Describe Mist Edge.
  • Describe the Mist guest options.
  • Describe WXLAN policies and apply them to resources.
  • Describe WLAN security threats detected by the Mist WLAN
  • Interpret wireless service level expectations (SLE) in relation to
  • Gather events and insights from the Mist cloud.
  • Summarize Mist’s Radio Resource Management (RRM).
  • Evaluate custom dashboard and reports options.
  • Evaluate machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Summarize Marvis queries.
  • Extend Mist’s Marvis actions.
  • Compare location service’s concepts and methods.
  • Explain Mist’s approach to user engagement.

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Benefits of taking the Juniper Wireless Networks with Mist AI System training

  • Foundational Knowledge: Acquire a solid understanding of the Junos operating system, its architecture, and key components, providing a strong foundation for working with Juniper devices.
  • Configuration Proficiency: Develop the skills to navigate the Junos CLI, configure devices, and perform essential tasks, enabling you to effectively manage and customize Juniper networks.
  • Troubleshooting Skills: Gain expertise in executing monitoring and troubleshooting commands, enhancing your ability to identify and address issues within a Junos environment.
  • Operational Efficiency: Learn best practices for operational monitoring and maintenance, allowing you to efficiently monitor platform and interface operations and perform routine maintenance tasks.
  • Upgrading Competence: Acquire the knowledge to perform Junos OS upgrades, ensuring that your Juniper devices are running the latest software releases for improved security and functionality.
  • Routing and Security Understanding: Explore routing fundamentals, static and dynamic routing, routing policy implementation, and firewall filters, enhancing your overall network routing and security knowledge.
  • Hands-On Experience: Engage in practical labs and demonstrations, providing hands-on experience with configuring and monitoring Junos OS, reinforcing theoretical concepts with real-world application.
  • Professional Development: Enhance your skill set and boost your career prospects by adding Juniper networking expertise to your portfolio, making you a valuable asset in the field of networking and IT.
  • Industry-Recognized Certification Pathway: The training serves as a stepping stone for further certifications offered by Juniper Networks, opening up opportunities for advanced roles and responsibilities in networking.
  • Adaptability to Juniper Environments: Develop the skills necessary to navigate and work effectively within Juniper environments, making you adaptable and proficient in managing Junos-based networks.

Juniper Wireless Networks with Mist AI Training Course Modules

Module 1: Course Introduction 1.1 Overview and Objectives

Module 2: Wi-Fi Standards 2.1 Purpose of the 802.11 Standard 2.2 Physical Layer Amendments

Module 3: Wi-Fi Radio Frequency Bands 3.1 Frequency Bands (2.4-GHz, 5-GHz, 6-GHz) 3.2 Channels and Their Characteristics

Module 4: Applying Radio Frequency Basics to Wi-Fi 4.1 RF Wave Properties 4.2 dBm to Milliwatts Conversion 4.3 Free Space Path Loss and Its Relation to WLANs

Module 5: Modulation and Coding for Wi-Fi 5.1 RF Modulation and WLAN Data Rates 5.2 SNR and MCS Relationship

Module 6: Understanding Client Association and Roaming 6.1 802.11 State Machine 6.2 Protocols in Client’s Connection

Module 7: Network Contention Factors 7.1 802.11 Contention 7.2 Lab 1: WLAN Testing

Module 8: Wi-Fi Architectures and Life Cycle 8.1 WLAN Architectures 8.2 WLAN Life Cycle Stages

Module 9: Getting Started with Mist 9.1 Mist Architecture Overview 9.2 Mist Account Creation 9.3 Mist Subscriptions 9.4 Lab 2: Initial Setup

Module 10: Mist Configuration Objects 10.1 Organization-Level vs. Site-Level Configuration Objects 10.2 Mist Configuration Object Types 10.3 MSP Dashboard Overview 10.4 Lab 3: Site Groups and Variables

Module 11: Juniper Access Points 11.1 Access Point Overview and Connectivity 11.2 Juniper AP Boot Procedure 11.3 Adding Juniper AP to Mist Cloud 11.4 Common AP Configuration Settings 11.5 Mist AP Dashboard Usage

Module 12: WLANs 12.1 BSS, ESS, SSIDs 12.2 WLAN Configuration Options 12.3 WLAN Security Options 12.4 Data Rates Configuration in Mist

Module 13: Mist Edge 13.1 Features and Benefits 13.2 Use Cases 13.3 Product Options 13.4 Installation Overview 13.5 Edge Management Overview 13.6 Troubleshooting Device Connectivity

Module 14: Guest Portals 14.1 Mist Guest Portal Options

Module 15: Mist WxLAN Policies 15.1 WLAN Policies Configuration in Mist

Module 16: Mist Wi-Fi Security 16.1 WxLAN Policies Configuration

Module 17: Mist Service Level Expectations 17.1 Wi-Fi Assurance SLEs and Classifiers

Module 18: Mist Events and Insights 18.1 Site, AP, and Client Events 18.2 Packet Capture in Mist 18.3 802.11 MAC Header Overview 18.4 Lab 5: SLE Troubleshooting

Module 19: Mist Radio Resource Management 19.1 RRM Operations and Purposes

Module 20: Mist Dashboard and Reports 20.1 Creating Dashboards and Reports

Module 21: Mist AI and Troubleshooting Options 21.1 AI Application in Mist 21.2 Troubleshooting Options (Reactive and Proactive)

Module 22: Marvis Queries 22.1 Marvis Natural Language vs. Query Language

Module 23: Marvis Actions 23.1 Functions of Marvis Actions 23.2 Lab 6: Marvis

Module 24: Location-Based Services 24.1 Wi-Fi Components for Location Services

Module 25: User Engagement and Proximity Tracing 25.1 Mist’s Proximity Tracing Capabilities

Juniper Wireless Networks with Mist AI Training Course Prerequisites

  • Basic TCP/IP skills
  • General networking
  • Basic knowledge of wireless technologies (Wi-Fi) is recommended

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