Junos Space Essentials

  • Duration: 3 Days (24 Hours)
  • Certified Trainers
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  • Digital Courseware
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Junos Space Essentials Training Course Overview

This three-day course equips students with the essential knowledge to effectively operate Junos Space Appliance and manage devices using Junos Space. Participants will learn to install Junos Space in a multimode Space Fabric, gaining proficiency in administration and monitoring of the Fabric. The course delves into centralized Junos device management options provided by the Junos Space Network Management Platform, encompassing configuration backup, synchronization, Junos image distribution, and template application. Automation of Junos Space management functions using Ansible is also covered. The course aligns with Junos Space Release 22.3R1.2, Security Director Release 22.3R1.2, Network Director Release 6.3R1.23, and Junos Release 23.1.R1.8. Updated course materials feature the current 2023 icons and reflect the latest best practices, including a new lab segment covering the creation and application of CLI Configlets.

Intended Audience For Junos Space Essentials Training

  • Network Administrators
  • Network Engineers
  • Network Operators
  • IT Professionals involved in network management
  • Individuals responsible for deploying and managing Junos Space platform for network management purposes.

Learning objectives for the Junos Space Essentials training course

  • List and identify the components and applications of Junos Space.
  • Explain Junos Space deployments.
  • Describe Junos Space fabric deployments.
  • Explain how to manage Junos Space Network Management Platform.
  • Describe how Junos Space discovers and manages devices.
  • Explain the differences between template definitions and templates.
  • Describe how to use Junos Space for network monitoring.
  • Describe how to generate reports in Junos Space.
  • Describe how to use Ansible playbooks with Junos Space.

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Benefits of taking the Junos Space Essentials training

  • Comprehensive Junos Space Knowledge: Gain a deep understanding of Junos Space, a comprehensive network management platform from Juniper Networks.
  • Installation and Configuration: Learn how to install and configure Junos Space, allowing you to set up and manage network devices efficiently.
  • Device Management: Acquire skills in managing Juniper devices using Junos Space, including tasks such as configuration backup, synchronization, and image distribution.
  • Automation and Templates: Explore automation capabilities in Junos Space, enabling you to automate routine tasks and apply configuration templates for consistency.
  • Ansible Integration: Learn how to automate Junos Space management functions using Ansible, enhancing your ability to streamline network operations.
  • Hands-On Labs: Benefit from hands-on labs and demonstrations, providing practical experience in working with Junos Space and implementing key functionalities.
  • Network Director Usage: Understand the features and usage of Junos Space Network Director, a component of Junos Space for device management.
  • CLI Configlets: Explore the creation and application of CLI Configlets, enhancing your proficiency in configuring devices through Junos Space.
  • Up-to-Date Course Materials: Stay current with the latest Junos Space releases and best practices, ensuring that your knowledge aligns with the most recent advancements.
  • Aligned with Industry Standards: Align your skills with industry standards for network management, making you well-versed in the tools and practices widely adopted in the field.
  • Enhanced Troubleshooting Skills: Develop troubleshooting skills specific to Junos Space, allowing you to identify and resolve issues efficiently.
  • Preparation for Certifications: Prepare for relevant certifications related to Junos Space, showcasing your expertise in using this powerful network management solution.
  • Efficient Network Operations: Streamline network operations by leveraging Junos Space for centralized management, configuration, and monitoring of Juniper devices.
  • Improved Network Security: Implement security best practices within Junos Space, ensuring that your network management environment is secure and resilient.
  • Career Advancement: Enhance your career prospects by acquiring skills in Junos Space, a tool widely used in enterprise and service provider networks for efficient network management and automation.

Junos Space Essentials Training Course Modules

Module 1: Course Introduction

  • Overview of the course objectives and structure.

Module 2: Introduction to Junos Space

  • Explaining the benefits of Junos Space software
  • Describing the Junos Space architecture
  • Identifying Junos Space applications
  • Identifying Junos Space features

Module 3: Junos Space Deployment

  • Describing the two different form factors available for Junos Space
  • Describing the initial setup of Junos Space
  • Explaining Junos Space security features and requirements
  • Explaining how to navigate the Junos Space GUI
  • Lab 1: Accessing Junos Space

Module 4: Fabric Deployment

  • Describing multinode Junos Space deployments
  • Describing the services used in a Junos Space deployment
  • Describing Junos Space fabric creation
  • Describing FMPM deployment
  • Describing high availability failover scenarios
  • Lab 2: Deploying Junos Space in a Cluster

Module 5: Platform Administration

  • Describing how to manage jobs
  • Describing roles, users, and domains
  • Describing how to recover from password loss and locked accounts
  • Describing how to manage Junos Space applications and the database
  • Lab 3: Platform Administration

Module 6: Device Management

  • Explaining how Junos Space discovers devices
  • Describing how to use Junos Space to modify device configurations
  • Describing how to use Junos Space to upgrade the firmware of managed devices
  • Lab 4: Network Management Platform

Module 7: Junos Space Templates

  • Describing template definitions
  • Creating and using template definitions
  • Creating and deploying templates
  • Creating Quick Templates
  • Creating and deploying CLI configlets
  • Lab 5: Configuring and Applying Templates

Module 8: Network Monitoring

  • Describing the purposes of network monitoring
  • Viewing nodes, node links, and alarms using the Topology workspace
  • Configuring and managing network monitoring features
  • Lab 6: Network Monitoring

Module 9: Reports

  • Describing how reports function within Junos Space
  • Managing predefined and custom report definitions
  • Describing how to generate reports
  • Lab 7: Reports

Module 10: FEC 129 Pseudowires (Optional)

  • Explaining the way FEC 129 autodiscovers remote PEs and signals pseudowires
  • Configuring and verifying a FEC 129 pseudowire
  • Lab 8: FEC 129 Pseudowires (Optional)

Junos Space Essentials Training Course Prerequisites

  • Basic networking knowledge and an understanding of the OSI reference model
    and the TCP/IP protocol suite
  • General knowledge of network management concepts
  • General understanding of Junos OS

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