KUB211v1.24 Rancher Kubernetes Engine 2 Deployment

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

KUB211v1.24 Rancher Kubernetes Engine 2 Deployment Course Overview:

The KUB211v1.24 Rancher Kubernetes Engine 2 Deployment certification confirms expertise in deploying, managing, and utilizing Rancher for Kubernetes cluster administration. This credential is essential for industries embracing container-based deployment, as it validates proficiency in automating application management with Kubernetes. Rancher streamlines Kubernetes operations, making it highly sought after in IT and software development sectors. By mastering Kubernetes management with Rancher, holders demonstrate their ability to effectively develop and oversee production-grade applications, contributing to streamlined container orchestration and deployment.

Intended Audience:

  • DevOps Engineers
  • System Administrators
  • Cloud Engineers
  • Kubernetes Administrators
  • IT Professionals
  • Software Developers
  • Containerization Enthusiasts
  • Infrastructure Engineers
  • IT Managers
  • Technical Architects

Learning Objectives of KUB211v1.24 Rancher Kubernetes Engine 2 Deployment:

The objectives of the “Rancher Kubernetes Engine 2 Deployment” course are as follows:

  1. Understanding the configuration and installation process of Rancher Kubernetes Engine 2.
  2. Mastering the principles of Kubernetes cluster management and orchestration.
  3. Learning how to seamlessly integrate existing tools and services with Rancher Kubernetes Engine.
  4. Developing skills in debugging, troubleshooting, and ensuring the security and reliability of the Kubernetes environment.
  5. Acquiring the ability to effectively deploy and manage Rancher Kubernetes Engine in both cloud-based and on-premise environments.
  6. Gaining practical knowledge applicable to real-world production scenarios.
  7. Enhancing participants’ competence in deploying and maintaining Kubernetes-based applications.

Upon completion of the course, participants should be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to confidently deploy, manage, and optimize Rancher Kubernetes Engine 2 deployments, contributing to the success of production-grade Kubernetes environments.

  • Course Overview
  • Overview of the RKE2 Deployment Process
    • Introduction to RKE2
    • Requirements for RKE2 Deployment
    • RKE2 Architecture and Design Concepts
  • Install RKE2 Clusters
    • Overview of RKE2 Installation Methods
    • Overview of RKE2 Manual Installation
    • Overview of RKE2 Installation with the Installer Script
    • Overview of the RKE2 Configuration Options
    • Multi-node and Highly Available RKE2 Clusters
    • Install RKE2
  • Install RKE2 Clusters with Auto Deployed Services
    • Understand Kubernetes Addons
    • Understand Helm Integration in RKE2
    • Configure Deployment of Addons During the RKE2 Cluster Install
  • Install RKE2 Clusters with Advanced Networking
    • Understand Cluster Networking Options in RKE2
    • Configure Cluster Networking in RKE2
    • Configure RKE2 to Provide Multiple Network Interfaces to Pods
  • Install CIS Hardened RKE2 Clusters
    • Understand the CIS Benchmark and Cluster Hardening
    • Install RKE2 with Hardening for the CIS Benchmark
  • Install Air-gapped RKE2 Clusters
    • Understand Air-gapped RKE2 Cluster Installation Concepts
    • Install RKE2 in an Air-gapped Environment
  • Overview of etcd and RKE2 Backup and Recovery
    • Overview of etcd
    • Understand Basic etcd Concepts
    • Understand RKE2 Backup and Recovery Concepts
    • Back Up an RKE2 Cluster
    • Restore an RLE2 Cluster
  • Upgrade RKE2 Clusters
    • Overview of the RKE2 Cluster Upgrade Process
    • Upgrade RKE2 Clusters
    • Upgrade RKE2 Clusters in an Air-gapped Environment

KUB211v1.24 Rancher Kubernetes Engine 2 Deployment Course Prerequisites:

• Familiarity with Kubernetes concepts and architecture
• Basic knowledge and understanding of Linux systems
• Experience in systems administration or network engineering
• Proficiency in Docker and containerization technologies
• Prior training or self-learning in Kubernetes fundamentals
• Experience in software deployment or cloud infrastructure management.

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