LPIC-303: Security v3.0

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

LPIC-303: Security v3.0 Course Overview:

The LPIC-303: Security v3.0 certification is a globally recognized, advanced-level security certification for IT professionals proficient in securing Linux systems. It validates expertise in securing Linux-based network infrastructures, implementing robust security protocols, cryptographic technologies, host security, and access controls. Industries rely on this certification as a benchmark to assess candidates’ ability to handle complex security tasks. Successfully obtaining this certification confirms an individual’s in-depth understanding of Linux security and their capability to deploy and maintain secure Linux environments, enhancing credibility and value in the information technology field.

Intended Audience:

  • IT professionals with advanced-level knowledge and experience in securing Linux systems.
  • Security specialists, system administrators, and network administrators working with Linux-based network infrastructures.
  • Individuals seeking to validate their expertise in implementing strong security measures and access controls in Linux environments.

Learning Objectives of LPIC-303: Security v3.0:

Upon earning the LPIC-303: Security v3.0 certification, candidates will:

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in securing Linux-based network infrastructures effectively.
  2. Implement robust security protocols and cryptographic technologies in Linux systems.
  3. Establish host security measures and access controls to enhance system protection.
  4. Handle complex security tasks and troubleshoot security-related issues in Linux environments.
  5. Maintain secure Linux environments, ensuring data integrity and protection.
 Module 1: Cryptography
  • X.509 Certificates and Public Key Infrastructures
  • X.509 Certificates for Encryption, Signing and Authentication
  • Encrypted File Systems
  • DNS and Cryptography
  • Host Hardening
  • Host Intrusion Detection
  • User Management and Authentication
  • FreeIPA Installation and Samba Integration
  • Discretionary Access Control
  • Mandatory Access Control
  • Network File Systems
  • Network Hardening
  • Network Intrusion Detection
  • Packet Filtering
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Common Security Vulnerabilities and Threats
  • Penetration Testing

LPIC-303: Security v3.0 Course Prerequisites:

  • Candidates should possess advanced-level knowledge of Linux systems and administration.
  • Familiarity with network infrastructures and security concepts is beneficial.
  • Practical experience in implementing security measures in Linux environments is recommended.

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