Mobile Development on Oracle Cloud

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

Mobile Development on Oracle Cloud Course Overview:

The Oracle Cloud Mobile Development course offers a comprehensive introduction to Oracle Cloud Mobile Application Framework (MAF), enabling swift initiation into mobile app creation. Encompassing key aspects like design, development, testing, and deployment, the course imparts foundational principles of mobile app development while highlighting MAF’s capacity for rapid creation. It introduces mobile enterprise app architecture, emphasizing MAF’s role in unifying diverse mobile and cloud platforms. Moreover, it delves into customer engagement and secure, consistent mobile experiences. Upon completion, developers gain proficiency in utilizing Oracle Cloud MAF for efficient mobile solution development.

Intended Audience:

  • Experienced Developers
  • Technical Architects
  • System Administrators
  • Individuals familiar with mobile development, Oracle Mobile platforms, and cloud computing
  • Those interested in deploying modern mobile applications to the cloud and gaining expertise in Oracle cloud native mobile services
  • Developers and decision-makers in organizations aiming to ensure scalability and success of their mobile applications
  • Those seeking to navigate the challenges of migrating applications to the cloud or efficiently launching mobile development projects

Learning Objectives of Mobile Development on Oracle Cloud:

1. Learn the fundamentals of mobile application development.
2. Get an overview of Oracle Cloud Platform and its services to support mobile application development.
3. Develop and deploy hybrid mobile applications with Cordova and JavaScript.
4. Use Oracle’s Mobile Cloud Service, Mobile Application Framework, and FarmBeats to create comprehensive mobile applications quickly and easily.
5. Understand the importance of designing mobile applications for different platform and device types.
6. Build a secure backend for mobile applications on Oracle Cloud using Oracle Database and IDaaS.
7. Utilize simple SDKs and APIs for mobile applications to access server-side data.
8. Design an efficient workflow for managing development and production mobile applications across multiple platforms.
9. Implement data synchronization and mobile analytics in your mobile applications.
10. Deploy and implement mobile testing and troubleshooting tools and strategies.

 Module 1: Create and test a mobile backend in MCS

 Module 2: Use the different APIs available with MCS to integrate your mobile applications with MCS backend services

 Module 3: Create users and roles and secure channels using MCS

 Module 4: Use MCS to handle offline synchronization

 Module 5: Create and test storage APIs

 Module 6: Send and receive notifications with MCS

 Module 7: Use SOAP and RESTFul connectors to connect to existing web services

 Module 8: Design and implement custom APIs using the MCS API designer

 Module 9: Use the Mobile Client SDKs to easily connect mobile applications to backend services

 Module 10: Use MCS Analytics to monitor and manage existing backend services

 Module 11: Test, debug and monitor MCS backend services using the integrated logging and diagnostic capabilities

 Module 12: Create locations, assets and beacons with location services

 Module 13: Integrate MCS with Process Cloud Services

Mobile Development on Oracle Cloud Course Prerequisites:

This training does not have any prerequisites. However, learners should preferably have knowledge in software engineering and development, Java, HTML, and JavaScript. Basic knowledge of programming and working with mobile applications will be helpful.

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