NetApp Certified Storage Installation Engineer

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

NetApp Certified Storage Installation Engineer Course Overview:

The NetApp Certified Storage Installation Engineer certification verifies professionals’ expertise in NetApp storage system installation, configuration, and management. It is essential for industries relying on data management and protection, ensuring efficient storage solutions. This certification validates competency in optimizing storage use, integrating high-availability features, and implementing backup and restore functions. It’s particularly valuable in data-intensive sectors like IT, telecommunications, and data centers.

Intended Audience:

• IT professionals seeking proficiency in storage solutions
• Storage engineers, administrators, and managers
• Data storage solution designers and implementers
• Individuals aiming for NetApp certification
• IT network infrastructure specialists
• Tech professionals interested in learning NetApp technologies
• System Integrators specializing in storage technologies.

Learning Objectives of NetApp Certified Storage Installation Engineer:

The learning objectives of the NetApp Certified Storage Installation Engineer course are focused on providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of NetApp storage systems installation procedures. By the course’s conclusion, participants should be adept at installing and implementing storage systems in network infrastructures in accordance with NetApp’s best practices. They should possess the skills to configure networking, backup, and data replication processes and have the ability to diagnose and troubleshoot common storage and network issues. Additionally, participants should gain knowledge of the latest protocols and technologies for SAN and NAS environments, all in preparation for the NetApp Certified Storage Installation Engineer certification exam.

  • Module 1: Basic Installation Topics and Tools
    • Describe the required tools or documentation for preparing the installation of a new ONTAP cluster
    • Describe physical cabling of ONTAP nodes
  • Module 2: ONTAP Concepts
    • Identify how to update ONTAP
    • Identify ONTAP cluster controller components
    • Describe how to create aggregates
    • Describe the required steps for installation or expansion of an ONTAP cluster
  • Module 3: ONTAP Networking
    • Describe how to configure ONTAP system networking
    • Describe network types used with ONTAP clusters
  • Module 4: ONTAP Switches
    • Describe cabling of a switched cluster
    • Identify the software needed for cluster switch configuration
  • Module 5: ONTAP Configuration
    • Describe how to add or remove nodes in an ONTAP cluster
    • Describe how to set up cluster peering
    • Describe how to implement security hardening
    • Describe support resources required for troubleshooting ONTAP installations
  • Module 6: Customer Handoff
    • Describe the tools available to review an installation
    • Describe the process for handover of new ONTAP cluster installation to the customer
    • Identify how to create documentation

NetApp Certified Storage Installation Engineer Course Prerequisites:

• Knowledge of network and storage fundamentals
• Proficiency in NetApp hardware and software technologies
• 6-12 months of field experience
• Familiarity with protocol technologies (NFS, CIFS, FCoE, iSCSI)
• Basic understanding of SAN/NAS storage systems and backup and recovery solutions
• Completion of mandatory NetApp Training Courses.

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