NEU211v5 SUSE NeuVector 5 Deployment

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

NEU211v5 SUSE NeuVector 5 Deployment Course Overview:

The NEU211v5 SUSE NeuVector 5 Deployment certification is a professional endorsement of an individual’s skills in deploying NeuVector 5, a specialized security platform for cloud-native applications. In high demand within the IT sector, this certification signifies expertise in safeguarding containerized applications from potential threats and vulnerabilities. Certified professionals excel in end-to-end security implementation, risk mitigation, and regulatory adherence in container environments. With recognition across industries reliant on containerized applications, like e-commerce, banking, and technology, these experts play a pivotal role in fortifying critical digital assets and applications.

Intended Audience:

  • IT Security Professionals
  • System Administrators
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Network Administrators
  • Cloud Administrators
  • Containerization Enthusiasts
  • Kubernetes Administrators
  • Cybersecurity Specialists
  • IT Managers
  • Security Analysts

Learning Objectives of NEU211v5 SUSE NeuVector 5 Deployment:

The learning objectives of the “NEU211v5 SUSE NeuVector 5 Deployment” course encompass a comprehensive understanding of deploying NeuVector 5 on the SUSE platform. By the course’s conclusion, participants should be proficient in achieving the following goals:

  1. Successfully install and configure NeuVector 5 on the SUSE platform.
  2. Understand the nuances of deploying a security solution and its significance in mitigating potential cyber threats.
  3. Effectively manage and administer NeuVector 5 to ensure optimal security posture.
  4. Utilize NeuVector’s key functionalities to establish a robust defense mechanism against various security risks.
  5. Acquire the skills to monitor network traffic in real-time, identifying and addressing potential threats promptly.
  6. Develop the capability to automatically respond to identified security risks, ensuring timely and proactive threat mitigation.
  7. Maintain and optimize the performance of the NeuVector security infrastructure for consistent protection.
  8. Enhance the overall security stance of the system by leveraging NeuVector’s advanced features and capabilities.

Upon completing the course, participants should be well-equipped to deploy, manage, and maintain NeuVector 5 within their SUSE environment. They should be capable of implementing real-time threat monitoring, automated response mechanisms, and optimizing the security posture of their systems to safeguard against cyber threats effectively.

  • Course Overview
  • Introduction to SUSE NeuVector
    • Introducing SUSE NeuVector
    • Understanding SUSE NeuVector Architecture and Components
    • Understanding SUSE NeuVector System Requirements
    • Introducing SUSE NeuVector Deployment Methods
  • SUSE NeuVector Deployment for Test Environment
    • Running SUSE NeuVector with Docker Native
    • Deploying SUSE NeuVector on a One Node Kubernetes Cluster
  • SUSE NeuVector Deployment for Production Environment
    • Deploying SUSE NeuVector in Production Environment
    • Using a YAML File to Deploy Highly Available SUSE NeuVector
    • Replacing Internal Certificates for SUSE NeuVector
    • Using a Helm Chart to Deploy SUSE NeuVector
    • Deploying SUSE NeuVector Using Persistent Storage
    • Configuring Highly Available SUSE NeuVector Deployment
    • Deploying SUSE NeuVector in Cloud Environment
    • Upgrading SUSE NeuVector
  • SUSE NeuVector Deployment and Configuration Automation
    • Deploying SUSE NeuVector Using Kubernetes ConfigMap and Secret Objects
  • SUSE NeuVector Operator Deployment
    • Deploying SUSE NeuVector Using Operators
  • SUSE NeuVector Deployment with SUSE Rancher
    • Understanding SUSE NeuVector Deployment with SUSE Rancher
    • Using SUSE Rancher Fleet to Automate SUSE NeuVector Deployment
  • Introduction to SUSE NeuVector Multi-Cluster Management
    • Enabling SUSE NeuVector Multi-Cluster Management

NEU211v5 SUSE NeuVector 5 Deployment Course Prerequisites:

• Basic understanding of SUSE CaaS Platform
• Knowledge of containers and Kubernetes operations
• Familiarity with Docker and openSUSE systems
• Experience in deploying and configuring NeuVector
• Proficiency in handling server administration tasks
• Exposure to network and security fundamentals.

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