ONTAP NFS Administration

Duration : 1 Day (8 Hours)

ONTAP NFS Administration Course Overview:

The ONTAP NFS Administration certification is a technical qualification program that signifies expertise in the operation and management of NFS (Network File System) protocols on the ONTAP software. This certification involves proficiency in creating, managing performance and security, and troubleshooting NFS environments on ONTAP. Industries use it to designate professionals skilled in delivering cutting-edge data management solutions, optimizing resource usage, and enhancing overall NFS system efficiency. It validates the IT professionals’ ability to contribute to the seamless operation of the NFS to align with business objectives. The certification is particularly relevant in the fields of IT, data management, and cloud operations.

Intended Audience:

  • Network administrators
  • IT professionals dealing with network file systems
  • Individuals seeking to understand ONTAP NFS administration
  • Professionals responsible for NFS infrastructure
  • System engineers involved in managing and configuring NFS environments
  • IT teams looking to upgrade, troubleshoot, or optimize NFS operations
  • IT staff involved in data management and storage solutions.

Learning Objectives of ONTAP NFS Administration:

The learning objectives of the ONTAP NFS Administration course include understanding the configuration of NFS for ONTAP, NFS client administration, NFS security, and performance management. The course will also cover different techniques to troubleshoot commonly encountered issues. By the end of this course, participants should be able to describe NFS protocol versions, articulate the NFS request flow, execute commands and interpret command output for NFS on ONTAP. Students should also be capable of demonstrating various performance-management and troubleshooting techniques related to this popular network file system. Through this course, one can become proficient in managing, securing, and optimizing NFS for different workloads.

Module 1: NFS Fundamentals

  • NFS Overview
  • NFS Concepts in ONTAP Software
  • Interfaces for Managing ONTAP-Based Systems

Module 2: NFS Setup

  • NFS Implementation
  • Configure NFS Access
  • Create Storage for NFS-Enabled Storage VM
  • Export Policy and Rules
  • Setting Up for NFS Access
  • Addendum: NFS Over RDMA

Module 3: Managing NFSv3 and NFSv4

  • Managing NFSv3
  • Managing NFSv4

Module 4: Multiprotocol Configuration

  • Multiprotocol Configuration
  • Name Mapping

Module 5: Monitoring and Managing NFS

  • Monitor NFS Active Clients
  • Collecting NFS Statistics and Data

ONTAP NFS Administration Course Prerequisites:

• Prior experience with ONTAP software
• Knowledge of UNIX or Linux system administration
• Proficiency in ONTAP command line administration
• Familiarity with NFS implementation and configuration
• Understanding of network protocols, IP networking, and storage architecture
• Passing score on the ONTAP NFS Administration exam or previous certification.

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