ONTAP SMB Administration (CIFSAD)

Duration : 1 Day (8 Hours)

ONTAP SMB Administration (CIFSAD) Course Overview:

The ONTAP SMB Administration (CIFSAD) certification is an industry-recognized credential that validates an individual’s skills in managing and implementing ONTAP SMB solutions. It covers fundamental aspects such as configuring, administering, and troubleshooting SMB (Server Message Block) in a NetApp environment. This certification is widely used by industries that rely on efficient data management and secure file-sharing capabilities to streamline their operations. Furthermore, it demonstrates the ability to optimize the use of NetApp ONTAP software, which is renowned for its high performance, scalability, and unified data management. As such, the certification is crucial for professionals in the field of IT and data management.

Intended Audience:

  • System administrators managing ONTAP clusters
  • Network engineers working with SMB/CIFS file access protocols
  • IT professionals responsible for data storage and network management
  • Professionals seeking to improve their ONTAP CIFS/SMB skills
  • Technical support specialists in charge of ONTAP-based systems
  • Data center professionals dealing with file-based storage solutions

Learning Objectives of ONTAP SMB Administration (CIFSAD):

The ONTAP SMB Administration (CIFSAD) course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of managing SMB version 1.0 through 3.x in Data ONTAP operating in 7-Mode and clustered Data ONTAP. The learning objectives include gaining knowledge about SMB implementation, user mappings, name services, and troubleshooting SMB-related issues. Participants will also learn how to manage performance and security while ensuring Windows compliance. Additionally, the course focuses on effectively using NetApp OnCommand management software for system monitoring and performance management. It also covers Samba for Linux administrators as an additional aspect of the training.

 Module 1: CIFS Overview

  • Define the CIFS and SMB protocol
  • Discuss NTLM and Kerberos authentication
  • Explain Active Directory and Workgroup environments
  • Describe PowerShell
  • Describe Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit

 Module 2: SMB Setup

  • Set up a storage system with ONTAP 9 for domain authentication

 Module 3: Shares and Sessions

  • List the default shares
  • Display all shares that are available on the storage system
  • Configure a client machine to access a share
  • Identify the CIFS sessions
  • Add, modify, and delete shares

 Module 4: Access Control

  • Module Objectives
  • Configure share permissions
  • Describe how to map UNIX users to Windows users
  • Configure multiprotocol in ONTAP 9
  • Describe authentication and authorization for CIFS
  • Describe file blocking policies

 Module 5: CIFS Advanced Topics

  • Module Objectives
  • Describe group policy objects in Data ONTAP 9
  • Setup preferred Domain Controllers
  • Discuss NetBIOS aliases
  • Configure workgroup membership
  • Explain CIFS oplocks
  • Discuss BranchCache support in Data ONTAP

ONTAP SMB Administration (CIFSAD) Course Prerequisites:

• Basic understanding of networking concepts
• Knowledge of OS fundamentals
• Familiarity with NetApp storage systems
• Hands-on experience with Microsoft Windows Server design and administration
• Prior understanding of active directory, DNS, and SMB protocol
• Experience with ONTAP essentials is beneficial
• Successful completion of the ONTAP Fundamentals course.

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