ADMIN-230: Operating Cloudera Data Platform

Duration: 4 Days (32 Hours)

ADMIN-230: Operating Cloudera Data Platform Course Overview:

Cloudera Manager serves as the dedicated DevOps tool for overseeing Cloudera Data Platform, enabling the construction, operation, and administration of CDP and CDF clusters through a sophisticated web UI. It equips CDP Administrators with comprehensive proficiency in Cloudera Manager’s functionalities. This course offers extensive insights and expertise, empowering administrators to achieve high efficiency with installation, configuration, operation, troubleshooting, reporting, and upgrading of Cloudera Data Platform via Cloudera Manager. Encompassing architecture, deployment, configuration, logging, reporting, and REST API utilization, the course provides a holistic learning experience.

Intended Audience:

  • This course is an entry point for aspiring CDP Administrators and any CDP Administrators not well familiar with the full range of Cloudera Manager capabilities.

Learning Objectives of ADMIN-230: Operating Cloudera Data Platform:

  • This course teaches installation, configuration, operation, management, incident resolution, and troubleshooting of Cloudera Manager.
Cloudera Manager Design
  • Roles of a CDP Administrator
  • Getting aboard the classroom environment
  • Cloudera Manager server-agent architecture
  • CDP architecture
  • Creating an air gap repository
  • Install Cloudera Manager
  • Basic TLS
  • Creating the jssecacerts file
  • Deploying CM as a Root CA
  • Role logs and diagnosis
  • Cloudera Blog, Community, and Support
  • Creating Support bundles
  • Limiting Support bundles
  • Redaction rules
  • Create custom dashboards
  • Create custom reports
  • Basic Kerberos
  • Deploying Kerberos
  • Install Cloudera Manager Agents
  • Install CDP Runtime
  • Navigating Cloudera Manager
  • Search with Cloudera Manager
  • Restarting Cloudera Manager 
  • Understanding and restarting supervisord
  • Automating restarts of cluster services
  • Cloudera Manager tuning properties
  • Tuning Cloudera Manager
  • Managing Roles and Templates
  • Adding Workers
  • Decommissioning and removing workers
  • Backup Cloudera Manager and the scm database
  • Upgrading Cloudera Manager
  • Identifying and installing Parcels
  • Add and remove CDP services
  • Configuration changes to properties
  • Configuring Role Groups
  • Configuring monitoring, alerting and notification
  • Rolling back changes
  • Managing Role logs
  • Managing log rotation
  • REST API documentation
  • REST API Swagger UI
  • REST API command line
  • REST API shell script

ADMIN-230: Operating Cloudera Data Platform Course Prerequisites

  • Students must have a background in Linux and knowledge of SQL. Students must have access to the Internet to reach the classroom environments, which are located on Amazon Web Services.

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