Oracle Commerce: Administering Your Content Environment Rel 11.1

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

Oracle Commerce: Administering Your Content Environment Rel 11.1 Course Overview:

The Oracle Commerce: Administering Your Content Environment Rel 11.1 certification targets individuals seeking comprehensive knowledge of the Oracle Commerce platform. It covers architecture basics, software development, business tool usage, and best practices. Key topics include site environment upkeep, catalog construction, content groups, and repositories. This certification equips industry practitioners to proficiently manage Oracle’s robust eCommerce solution, facilitating streamlined handling of intricate merchandise content and customer data, contributing to business expansion. Industries harness this certification to harness Oracle’s advanced technology, crafting sophisticated, personalized, and scalable eCommerce solutions.

Intended Audience:

  • Oracle administrators seeking to expand their knowledge
  • IT professionals responsible for managing content environments
  • Web developers working with Oracle Commerce platform
  • E-commerce managers overseeing Oracle-based systems
  • Individuals pursuing a career in Oracle Commerce administration.

Learning Objectives of Oracle Commerce: Administering Your Content Environment Rel 11.1:

The Oracle Commerce: Administering Your Content Environment Rel 11.1 course has specific learning objectives aimed at providing participants with comprehensive insights into the administration and management of an Oracle Commerce 11.1 content environment. This encompasses understanding the fundamental concepts and architecture of Oracle Commerce, acquiring the skills to create and oversee repositories, and grasping the essential tasks and tools related to content administration. The course further aims to instruct participants on effectively managing product catalogs, versions, and promotions, as well as ensuring security for Oracle Commerce applications. Ultimately, learners are expected to achieve proficiency in efficiently operating, monitoring, and troubleshooting an Oracle Commerce production environment.

 Module 1: Introduction to Your Content Environment

  • Overview of Oracle Commerce Content Administration (CA)
  • Oracle Commerce tools
  • Content Administration architecture

 Module 2: Configuring Your Content Environment

  • Importing data to versioned repositories
  • Viewing repository assets

 Module 3: Setting CA and Merchandising Security Access

  • BCC and ACC security
  • Merchandising access control
  • Secured repositories

 Module 4: Configuring the XML Deployment Topology

  • Creating the XML deployment topology
  • Importing the topology
  • Initializing target sites

 Module 5: Using Workflows

  • Asset lifecycle
  • Project interactions
  • Default workflow

 Module 6: Managing File Assets

  • File assets
  • Versioned file assets architecture
  • Importing existing files using the Repository Loader
  • Managing and deploying file assets

 Module 7: Managing Deployment

  • How deployment works
  • Deployment types and modes
  • Selective cache invalidation
  • Configuring repositories for deployment
  • Direct SQL deployment
  • Managing deployments in the BCC

 Module 8: Managing Guided Search and Experience Manager Content

  • Guided Search and Experience Manager overview
  • Manual and scheduled indexing
  • Triggered Indexing
  • Content promotion

 Module 9: Viewing Assets Before Production Deployment

  • Staging deployment
  • One-off deployment targets

 Module 10: Debugging and Troubleshooting Deployment

 Module 11: Appendix A: Single Sign On and Business Tool Links

 Module 12: Appendix B: Site Access Control

  • Setting up internal user access control by sites

Oracle Commerce: Administering Your Content Environment Rel 11.1 Course Prerequisites:

• Knowledge of Oracle’s content management and web development tools.
• Experience in administering Oracle Commerce platforms.
• Understanding of core concepts in web application deployment and management.
• Familiarity with Java and JSP would be beneficial.
• Previous experience with Oracle WebCenter Sites is also recommended.

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