Oracle Database 19c: ASM Administration Workshop

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

Oracle Database 19c: ASM Administration Workshop Course Overview:

The Oracle Database 19c: ASM (Automatic Storage Management) Administration Workshop certification focuses on managing and administering Oracle Database using the ASM feature. The certification covers fundamental and advanced features of ASM, including disk groups, ASM files, templates, ACFS systems, and more.

Industries dealing with massive databases that require high efficiency and performance benefit greatly from this certification. ASM simplifies complex database management tasks, ensuring maximum reliability and providing a framework for easy data recovery.

Intended Audience:

Database administrators
Technical consultants
IT managers
Data professionals
System architects
IT professionals with a focus on database management
Individuals needing to understand Oracle Database 19c ASM administration
Professionals preparing for Oracle Database 19c certification exams.

Learning Objectives of Oracle Database 19c: ASM Administration Workshop:

The main learning objectives of the Oracle Database 19c: ASM Administration Workshop course are:

  1. Equipping learners with comprehensive knowledge and skills on Automatic Storage Management (ASM), a vital feature of Oracle 19c.
  2. Teaching learners how to install and configure ASM instances to efficiently manage storage in Oracle databases.
  3. Providing an understanding of ASM Cloud File System and its applications in database management.
  4. Familiarizing students with the management of ASM Disk Groups, crucial for organizing and optimizing storage resources.
  5. Enabling students to perform ASM troubleshooting and performance tuning to ensure optimal database performance.
  6. Teaching key ASM concepts, including managing ASM users, disk groups, and templates.
  7. Introducing students to more advanced features such as Flex ASM and ASM File Access, expanding their proficiency in ASM administration.
 Module 1: ASM Overview
  • ASM Overview
  • ASM Components: ASM Disk Group
  • Administering ASM Instance
  • Starting and Stopping the Node Listener

  • Administering ASM Disk Groups Part I
  • Features Enabled by Disk Group Compatibility Attributes
  • Administering ASM Disk Groups Part II
  • Checking the Consistency of Disk Group Metadata

  • Administering ASM Files, Directories, and Templates
  • ASM Directories
  • Administering Oracle ACFS
  • Linux-UNIX Extensions
  • ACFS/ADVM Enhancements
  • 4K Sector and Metadata Support Considerations
  • Oracle ASM Advanced Topics
  • Encrypting ACFS File Systems

Oracle Database 19c: ASM Administration Workshop Course Prerequisites:

• Understanding of database architecture and ASM
• Knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL
• Familiarity with Linux operating system
• Experience in administering Oracle databases
• Completion of Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL course
• Completion of Oracle Database 19c: Administration Workshop training course
• Basic knowledge of cloud computing

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