Oracle Database 19c: SQL Tuning Workshop

Duration : 3 Days (16 Hours)

Oracle Database 19c: SQL Tuning Workshop Course Overview:

The Oracle Database 19c: SQL Tuning Workshop Certification is a valuable credential for IT professionals seeking advanced skills in SQL statement tuning and performance management in Oracle Database 19c. This certification covers in-depth knowledge of database architecture, optimizer fundamentals, interpretation of execution plans, and effective management of SQL performance.

Industries widely recognize and utilize this certification to ensure the efficient use of Oracle databases, enhance overall performance, and optimize response time. It equips professionals with methods to diagnose and address sub-optimal SQL execution, making it a critical certification for database administrators, support engineers, and technical consultants responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting SQL performance in an Oracle database. Having this certification demonstrates a high level of expertise and proficiency in SQL tuning for Oracle Database 19c.

Intended Audience:

  • Database administrators
  • SQL developers
  • Data analysts
  • IT professionals handling database management
  • Individuals seeking certification in Oracle Database 19c
  • Oracle partners and clients seeking advanced SQL knowledge

Learning Objectives of Oracle Database 19c: SQL Tuning Workshop:

The learning objectives of the Oracle Database 19c: SQL Tuning Workshop course are as follows:

  1. SQL Tuning Skills: Trainees will gain critical knowledge and skills to effectively tune SQL statements for optimized performance in an Oracle database.
  2. Performance Management: Participants will learn how to manage the performance of SQL queries to ensure efficient database operations.
  3. Oracle Database Architecture: The course will provide insights into the Oracle database architecture, allowing trainees to understand the underlying principles of SQL tuning.
  4. Diagnostic Tools: Trainees will be equipped with various diagnostic tools to identify and diagnose performance issues in SQL queries.
  5. SQL Tuning Advisor and SQL Access Advisor: Participants will learn how to use the SQL Tuning Advisor and SQL Access Advisor for automating the SQL tuning process and improving query performance.
  6. Execution Plan Interpretation: The course will enable trainees to read and interpret execution plans, which are crucial for understanding how SQL queries are executed by the database.
  7. SQL Performance Management: Trainees will master the art of SQL performance management in Oracle Database 19c, ensuring optimal performance of their databases.

Module 1: Introduction to SQL Tuning

  • Understand the importance of SQL tuning and its impact on database performance.
  • Learn the quick solution strategy for identifying and resolving SQL performance issues.

Module 2: Using Application Tracing Tools

  • Learn how to use application tracing tools to capture SQL execution information.
  • Explore the trcsess utility for tracing SQL sessions.

Module 3: Optimizer Fundamentals

  • Gain insights into the fundamentals of the SQL Optimizer.
  • Understand the Query Estimator’s role in estimating selectivity and cardinality.
  • Learn about the Plan Generator and how execution plans are generated.

Module 4: Generating and Displaying Execution Plans

  • Learn how to generate and display SQL execution plans.
  • Explore the AUTOTRACE feature for automatic execution plan display.
  • Understand the use of Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) for SQL performance analysis.

Module 5: Interpreting Execution Plans and Enhancements

  • Details are not available for this module.

Module 6: Optimizer: Table and Index Access Paths

  • Understand how the Optimizer selects table and index access paths for SQL queries.
  • Explore different types of indexes, including Bitmap Indexes.
  • Learn about common observations related to table and index access.

Module 7: Optimizer: Join Operators

  • Details are not available for this module.

Module 8: Other Optimizer Operators

  • Details are not available for this module.

Module 9: Introduction to Optimizer Statistics Concepts

  • Gain an understanding of Optimizer Statistics Concepts.
  • Learn about column statistics and histograms for better query optimization.

Module 10: Using Bind Variables

  • Learn how to use bind variables to improve SQL performance.
  • Explore cursor sharing enhancements for efficient execution plan reuse.

Module 11: SQL Plan Management

  • Understand SQL Plan Management and its role in stabilizing SQL performance.
  • Learn how to configure SQL Plan Management to manage execution plans.
  • Explore different scenarios where SQL Plan Management can be applied to enhance performance.

Oracle Database 19c: SQL Tuning Workshop Course Prerequisites:

• Basic knowledge of Oracle Database
• Understanding of SQL language
• Familiarity with ERP applications and data modeling
• Base understanding of Oracle’s physical and logical database structures
• Proficiency in Oracle Database performance analysis tools
• Advanced knowledge of Oracle Database 12c features and fundamentals.

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