Oracle Database 21c New Features

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

Oracle Database 21c New Features Course Overview:

The Oracle Database 21c New Features certification demonstrates a professional’s adeptness in harnessing the cutting-edge capabilities of Oracle Database 21c, the latest standard in database management. Encompassing enhancements in performance, security, cloud integration, and machine learning, it showcases proficiency in executing and overseeing advanced aspects of the 21c database. Industries adopt this certification to validate IT professionals’ expertise in tasks like automated database optimization, advanced security practices, and cloud application integration. It aids industries in maintaining up-to-date, dependable, and secure database systems, driving operational efficiency and excellence.

Intended Audience:

• Database administrators
• Oracle users upgrading from older versions
• IT professionals specializing in Oracle systems
• Data analysts
• Developers working on Oracle platforms
• Students or IT enthusiasts aiming to learn about Oracle Database 21c features
• Companies aiming to streamline their Oracle Database operations

Learning Objectives of Oracle Database 21c New Features:

The learning objectives of the Oracle Database 21c New Features course are multifaceted. Participants will acquire an extensive comprehension of the latest features and enhancements presented in Oracle Database 21c. This encompasses a profound understanding of database performance and scalability enhancements, advancements concerning In-Memory, Blockchain, and JSON, as well as heightened security measures and strategies for data management. The course is designed to foster proficiency in effectively utilizing and administering Oracle Database 21c. Learners will also gain insights into the recent progressions in Oracle cloud infrastructure and innovative domains like machine learning and automated database management.

 Module 1: New Features for Big Data and Data Warehousing

 Module 2: New Features for Security

 Module 3: New Features for Management Solutions

 Module 4: New Features for Performance and High-Availability

 Module 5: New Features in Multitenancy

 Module 6: New Features in Sharding

 Module 7: New Features for Application Development

 Module 8: New Features in Flashback

 Module 9: New Features for Upgrade and Utilities

 Module 10: New Features for Globalization

Oracle Database 21c New Features Course Prerequisites:

• Prior working experience with Oracle Database
• Understanding of database management and architecture
• Familiarity with SQL and PL/SQL
• Knowledge of Oracle Database 12c, 18c, or 19c
• Prior completion of Oracle Database Administration training.

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