Oracle Fundamentals – SQL- PLSQL – Forms – Reports – BI

Duration : 15 Days (120 Hours)

Oracle Fundamentals – SQL- PLSQL – Forms – Reports – BI Course Overview:

The Oracle Fundamentals- SQL- PLSQL- Forms- Reports- BI certification attests to an individual’s competence in Oracle database systems. It encompasses essentials like SQL programming, utilization of PL/SQL (Oracle’s procedural extension to SQL), application design using Oracle Forms, data presentation through Reports, and utilization of Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) tools. Industries seek certified professionals for streamlined database management, development, and reporting. This certification holds significant value in proficiently managing data storage, retrieval, manipulation, and business analytics. It validates the candidate’s aptitude to employ these proficiencies in intricate real-world database scenarios.

Intended Audience:

• IT professionals seeking to improve their Oracle database skills
• Fresh graduates aspiring to start a career in database management
• Database administrators looking for advanced training
• Developers who wish to understand and use Oracle tools
• Anyone interested in learning SQL, PLSQL, and BI technologies.

Learning Objectives of Oracle Fundamentals – SQL- PLSQL – Forms – Reports – BI:

The primary learning objectives of the Oracle Fundamentals – SQL- PLSQL – Forms – Reports – BI course are meticulously designed to cultivate expertise in Oracle-specific Database Management Systems (DBMS). By the course’s culmination, participants will have achieved the following core proficiencies:

  1. Oracle DBMS Proficiency: Participants will develop a robust command over Oracle’s unique DBMS, enabling them to effectively manage and manipulate databases.
  2. SQL and PL/SQL Mastery: Through comprehensive training, participants will gain a thorough understanding of SQL and PL/SQL concepts, encompassing scripting, automation, and optimization techniques.
  3. Oracle Forms and Reports: Participants will explore Oracle Forms Builder and Report Builder, acquiring the skills to design, develop, and deploy interactive forms and manage reports.
  4. Oracle Business Intelligence (BI): The course will introduce participants to Oracle BI, empowering them to analyze data, generate intelligent business reports, and implement strategic initiatives using BI tools.
  5. Complex SQL and PL/SQL Proficiency: Participants will be equipped to confidently write intricate SQL queries and develop advanced PL/SQL programs to address complex data management challenges.
  6. Application System Design: Through hands-on exercises, participants will learn to design and develop application systems, enhancing their ability to create efficient and user-friendly software solutions.
  7. Interactive Forms Creation: The course will teach participants how to build interactive forms, facilitating data collection and user interaction within applications.
  8. Report Generation and Management: Participants will gain proficiency in generating and managing reports, enabling them to present data in a structured and insightful manner.
  9. Business Strategy Implementation: By utilizing Oracle BI, participants will be capable of analyzing data and generating reports to implement strategic business initiatives effectively.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be well-prepared to handle complex data management tasks, design and develop application systems, create interactive forms, manage reports, and leverage Oracle BI for insightful business intelligence. These skills will position them as competent professionals capable of contributing effectively to data-driven decision-making processes and application development endeavors.

Module 1: Oracle SQL

  • Introduction to Oracle SQL
  • Basic SQL Queries
  • Advanced SQL Queries
  • Joins and Subqueries
  • Data Manipulation and Transaction Control

Module 2: Oracle PL/SQL

  • Introduction to PL/SQL
  • PL/SQL Programming Constructs
  • Cursors and Exception Handling
  • PL/SQL Procedures and Functions
  • Triggers and Packages

Module 3: Oracle Forms

  • Introduction to Oracle Forms
  • Form Design and Layout
  • Working with Form Elements
  • Event Handling and Triggers
  • Form Validation and Error Handling

Module 4: Oracle Reports

  • Introduction to Oracle Reports
  • Report Design and Layout
  • Data Sources and Queries
  • Formatting and Printing
  • Report Parameters and Parameters Form

Module 5: Oracle BI Publisher

  • Introduction to Oracle BI Publisher
  • Creating Data Templates
  • Building RTF Templates
  • Integrating Data and Templates
  • Generating and Distributing Reports

Module 6: Oracle APEX Workshop 1

  • Introduction to Oracle APEX
  • Building a Simple APEX Application
  • Creating Forms and Reports
  • Enhancing Application User Interface
  • Deploying and Managing APEX Applications

Oracle Fundamentals – SQL- PLSQL – Forms – Reports – BI Course Prerequisites:

• Basic knowledge of database concepts
• Familiarity with Oracle DBMS
• Understanding of SQL and PL/SQL programming languages
• Experience with Oracle Forms and Reports
• Knowledge of Business Intelligence (BI) concepts.
• General IT proficiency and problem-solving skills.

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