Oracle GoldenGate 19c: Troubleshooting and Tuning

Duration : 4 Days (32 Hours)

Oracle GoldenGate 19c: Troubleshooting and Tuning Course Overview:

The Oracle GoldenGate 19c: Troubleshooting and Tuning certification validates an individual’s expertise in managing and resolving issues in Oracle GoldenGate 19c, a software product facilitating real-time data integration, transactional change data capture, data replication, and transformations. This certification is essential for industries dealing with significant data volumes, such as healthcare, banking, and e-commerce, as it ensures candidates can maintain high performance, reliability, and data integrity in complex data environments. The certification covers configuring and managing Oracle GoldenGate, diagnosing and resolving data divergence, tuning performance, and managing high availability and disaster recovery.

Intended Audience:

• Database administrators and system architects
• IT professionals responsible for data management
• Data analysts and data engineers
• Oracle GoldenGate users seeking to enhance proficiency
• IT personnel involved in data integration projects

Learning Objectives of Oracle GoldenGate 19c: Troubleshooting and Tuning:

The Oracle GoldenGate 19c: Troubleshooting and Tuning course provides participants with essential knowledge and skills related to Oracle GoldenGate. The course covers various key areas, including understanding the Oracle GoldenGate architecture, troubleshooting and resolving issues and errors, and optimizing performance. Students will gain expertise in advanced configuration options, interpreting GoldenGate reports and statistics, and utilizing tools like LogDump and the message log for troubleshooting. Moreover, the course aims to address network issues, handling database and SQL errors, and providing solutions for common performance challenges. Successfully achieving these objectives will empower learners to proficiently manage the intricacies of Oracle GoldenGate, leading to improved system efficacy and productivity.

 Module 1: Introduction to Oracle GoldenGate
  • Overview of Oracle GoldenGate
  • Architecture and components
  • Understanding replication technology
  • Identifying and diagnosing problems
  • Troubleshooting techniques and tools
  • Resolving common issues
  • Performance tuning fundamentals
  • Identifying performance bottlenecks
  • Optimizing replication performance
  • Implementing best practices
  • Understanding GoldenGate configuration
  • Configuring GoldenGate processes
  • Parameter files and their importance
  • Handling conflicts
  • GoldenGate error handling and reporting
  • Managing replication lag
  • GoldenGate checkpoint and restart options
  • Oracle GoldenGate Security and encryption
  • Oracle GoldenGate conflict detection and resolution
  • GoldenGate Veridata
  • Real-life scenarios
  • Hands-on labs and exercises

Oracle GoldenGate 19c: Troubleshooting and Tuning Course Prerequisites:

• Solid knowledge of Oracle Database Architecture
• Understanding of SQL commands
• Experience with Oracle GoldenGate products
• Basic knowledge of Linux operating system
• Understanding of network concepts
• Familiarity with Oracle ASM and RAC.

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