Oracle HCM Cloud: Compensation Ed 4

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

Oracle HCM Cloud: Compensation Ed 4 Course Overview:

The Oracle HCM Cloud: Compensation Ed 4 course is designed to enable learners to leverage compensation and reward management solutions for maximizing the value of an organization’s human capital assets. Through comprehensive instruction, participants gain insights into building a robust compensation and reward system, formulating strategies to enhance pay programs, and aligning rewards with organizational policies. The curriculum encompasses essential aspects like job evaluation, salary scales, global compensation plans, pay program creation, and performance-optimized reward system design. Furthermore, participants acquire skills in managing employee salary components, staying abreast of compensation trends, and effectively communicating pay decisions. By course completion, learners should proficiently assess factors for effective compensation and rewards, making informed decisions to motivate and retain employees successfully.

Intended Audience:

  • Human resource (HR) professionals
  • Members of HR staff
  • Compensation specialists
  • HR directors
  • Human resources specialists
  • HR managers
  • Payroll professionals
  • Finance professionals
  • Business owners
  • Company executives
  • Professionals involved in compensation management
  • Individuals seeking to enhance their understanding of compensation concepts
  • Those with some knowledge of HCM Cloud or related software
  • Anyone responsible for ensuring the compliance and effectiveness of the company’s compensation system.

Learning Objectives of Oracle HCM Cloud: Compensation Ed 4:

The Oracle HCM Cloud: Compensation Ed 4 Training aims to equip participants with a comprehensive comprehension of HR management strategies for implementing and overseeing the Oracle HCM Cloud Compensation module. Attendees will gain expertise in evaluating compensation plans, configuring salary grades and structures, utilizing compensation periods, and reviewing regulatory rules. The course also delves into compensation planning concepts, performance ratings, tiered service increases, cost analysis, and policy development. Encompassing mid-year and year-end compensation program design and implementation, the training ensures participants possess the proficiency to efficiently utilize the Oracle HCM Cloud system for compensation activities.

 Module 1: Course Overview

  • Lesson and Course Objectives
  • Course Materials and Information Sources
  • Course Schedule

 Module 2: Oracle Fusion HCM and Compensation Overview

  • Oracle Fusion Deployment Options
  • Introducing Key Processes and Concepts of Compensation
  • Introducing Oracle Fusion Applications Help
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Role Types
  • Security Reference Implementation
  • Separation of Compensation and Total Compensation Duties by Job Role
  • Auditing Compensation Business Objects

 Module 3: Functional Setup Manager: Enabling Offerings for Initial Use

  • Implementing Oracle Fusion Applications
  • Job Roles with Functional Setup User Permissions
  • Functional Setup Methodology
  • Progressive Decision Making with Offering Heirarchy
  • Enabling Offering and Functional Areas for Implementation

 Module 4: Define Workforce Structures

  • Employment Models

 Module 5: Define Derived Factors and Eligibility Profiles

  • Defining Eligibility
  • Managing Derived Factors
  • Planning and Prerequisites for Eligibility Profiles
  • Setting the Eligibility Profile Definition
  • Defining Eligibility Criteria

 Module 6: Define Elements, Balances and Formulas

  • Manage Fast Formulas
  • Managing Payroll Elements
  • Element Templates
  • Element Entries and Input Values
  • Element Eligibility Criteria
  • Balance Feeds
  • Element Classifications
  • Elements and the Payroll Employment Model

 Module 7: Define and Manage Base Pay

  • Grade Rate
  • Validating Salary Using Grade Rates
  • Progression Grade Ladders
  • Salary Terminology and Salary Basis
  • Base Pay Frequencies and Annualization Factors
  • Salary Components
  • Managing Base Pay
  • Entering and Adjusting Salaries

 Module 8: Define and Manage Individual Compensation

  • Actions
  • Individual Compensation Plans
  • Managing Individual Compensation and Personal Contributions
  • Managing Compensation
  • Variable Allocation Approvals
  • Introducing Compensation History

 Module 9: Manage Workforce Compensation Plans Overview

  • Workforce Compensation Key Features and Capabilities
  • Global Settings
  • Defining Workforce Compensation

 Module 10: Configure Workforce Compensation Plan Foundation

  • Manage Compensation Plans
  • Plan Details
  • Plan Eligibility
  • Plan Cycles
  • Plan Hierarchies
  • Plan Currency
  • Plan Access
  • Feedback Survey

 Module 11: Configure Workforce Compensation Budgets

  • Budgeting
  • Budget Page Layout

 Module 12: Configure Workforce Compensation Worksheets

  • Compensation Components
  • Performance Ratings
  • Approvals and Alternate Approver Hierarchies
  • Compensation Change Statements
  • Worksheet Display and Page Layout
  • Configuring Column Properties and Dynamic Columns
  • Default Worksheet Display
  • Alerts

 Module 13: Configure Workforce Compensation Models and Reports

  • Modeling
  • Reports
  • Report Dimensions
  • Filters

 Module 14: Validate Workforce Compensation Plans

  • Validating Plan Setup
  • Validation Results
  • Start Compensation Cycle Process

 Module 15: Manage Compensation Models and Budgets

  • Managing Compensation Models
  • Managing Budgets

 Module 16: Manage Workforce Compensation

  • Compensation Plans
  • Managing Compensation Plans
  • Viewing Reports and Analytics
  • Approving Worksheets
  • Generating Compensation Statements

 Module 17: Administer Workforce Compensation

  • Compensation Work Area
  • Global Models
  • Active Plans
  • Administering Workers
  • Administration Reports
  • Batch Process

 Module 18: Define Total Compensation Statements

  • Total Compensation Statements
  • Compensation Items and Source Types
  • Compensation Categories
  • Statement Definitions
  • Monitoring Processes and Viewing Statements

Oracle HCM Cloud: Compensation Ed 4 Course Prerequisites:

  • There are no prerequisites for the Oracle HCM Cloud: Compensation Ed 4 Training.

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