Oracle HCM Cloud: Fast Formula

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

Oracle HCM Cloud: Fast Formula Course Overview:

The Oracle HCM Cloud Fast Formula course offers an instructive exploration of fast formulas within Oracle HCM Cloud applications. Covering essential concepts, participants are introduced to Oracle HCM Cloud features and fast formula structure. Enabling formula creation, result analysis, and customization to align with business requirements, the course furnishes a thorough grasp of fast formula syntax and optimal utilization. Upon completion, participants will adeptly generate and manage customized fast formulas.

Intended Audience:

  • Human Resources Professionals
  • IT Professionals and Analysts
  • PeopleSoft Administrators
  • Functional Professionals
  • Individuals seeking to learn how to use Fast Formulas within Oracle HCM Cloud
  • Those interested in understanding the development and deployment of rules for HR and payroll processes
  • Professionals responsible for managing the system and ensuring data accuracy
  • Individuals seeking practical knowledge of configuring and maintaining a complex rules engine within Oracle HCM Cloud.

Learning Objectives of Oracle HCM Cloud: Fast Formula:

1. Understand the different Oracle HCM Cloud components, architectures and reporting structures.
2. Master the fundamentals of Core HR, Talent Management and Benefits configuration and management.
3. Develop the ability to navigate and manage the HCM Cloud user interface.
4. Learn the fundamentals of Fast Formula creation and deployment.
5. Build formulas to automate payroll calculations.
6. Understand formulas to identify and resolve HCM errors.
7. Utilise elements of HCM configuring and document creation.
8. Develop fast formulas to generate insightful reports and data tracking.
9. Implement security settings to ensure fast formulas are accurate and secure.
10. Understand how changes in data structures/configuration will impact fast formulas.

 Module 1: Course Overview

  • Course Objectives and Agenda
  • Course Materials
  • Additional Sources of Information

 Module 2: Fast Formula Overview

  • Oracle HCM Cloud Overview
  • Examples of Formula Uses
  • Formula Editors
  • Security Overview and Example

 Module 3: Basic Fast Formula Syntax

  • Formula Component
  • Database Items
  • Global Values
  • Variables
  • Statements and Functions
  • Formula Compiler

 Module 4: Basic Fast Formula Structure

  • Understanding Statement Types
  • Writing Well Structured Formulas
  • Formula Structure Examples

 Module 5: Advanced Fast Formula Syntax

  • Arrays
  • Calling a Formula from a Formula
  • Setting Formula Context Values
  • The Working Storage Area

 Module 6: Advanced Fast Formula Syntax

  • Formula Writing and Performance Tips
  • Troubleshooting Tips
  • Common Compilation and Execution Errors

 Module 7: Payroll Formulas

  • Commonly Used Payroll Formula Types
  • User-Defined Tables
  • Elements and Formulas
  • Payroll Process Configuration
  • Debugging Payroll Formulas

 Module 8: Benefits Formulas

  • Commonly Used Benefit Formula Types
  • Formulas for Benefits
  • Formula Contexts

 Module 9: Compensation Formulas

  • Commonly Used Compensation Formula Types
  • Compensation Default and Override Formulas

 Module 10: Absence Management Formulas

  • Commonly Used Absence Management Formula Types
  • Formulas and Accrual Plans
  • Global Absence Plan Duration Formulas

 Module 11: Time and Labor Formulas

  • Time and Labor Formula Types
  • Delivered Time Entry Rules
  • Delivered Time Calculation Rules
  • Time Repository Rules, Rule Sets, and Templates

Oracle HCM Cloud: Fast Formula Course Prerequisites:

You should have prior knowledge and experience with:
• Navigating the web interface
• Performing basic navigation in the Oracle HCM Cloud
• Understanding the setup requirements for Oracle HCM Cloud:
• Creating and managing components in Oracle HCM Cloud:
• Working knowledge of Excel and manipulating data
• Performing essential Oracle HCM Cloud-related processes such as creating, managing and troubleshooting formulas, formulas deployments and formula security.

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