Oracle HCM Cloud: Security

Duration : 2 Days (16 Hours)

Oracle HCM Cloud: Security Course Overview:

The Oracle HCM Cloud Security online course is expertly designed to empower users in safeguarding Oracle HCM Cloud applications and data. Encompassing functional and technical security controls, system architecture, secure administration protocols, and security-related features, this comprehensive course ensures a robust grasp of Oracle HCM Cloud security. Participants will explore secure administration tools, user access management, and authorization structures. The course meticulously covers vital aspects, including encryption of data, user authentication, Certificate and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) utilization, and auditing user access. By course completion, participants will adeptly secure integrations, comprehend authorization and authentication intricacies, and navigate security compliance demands, fostering a safeguarded and resilient Oracle HCM Cloud environment.

Intended Audience:

  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Training Managers
  • Learning and Development Managers
  • Compliance Officers
  • Security Managers
  • IT Managers
  • Employee Training Coordinators
  • Business Managers
  • Supervisors and Team Leads
  • Organizational Leaders
  • Onboarding Coordinators
  • Security Compliance Specialists
  • Risk Management Professionals
  • Human Capital Management Consultants
  • Business Process Owners

Learning Objectives of Oracle HCM Cloud: Security:

1. Identify the security concepts used by Oracle HCM Cloud.
2. Understand the different roles and responsibilities of the chief security officer and other members of the security team.
3. Describe the different authentication methods used by Oracle HCM Cloud.
4. Establish user roles and hierarchies for secure access to Oracle HCM Cloud components.
5. Analyze and assess the security of Oracle HCM Cloud components.
6. Evaluate the effectiveness of security policies and procedures.
7. Implement strategies to improve security in Oracle HCM Cloud.
8. Prepare for and respond to security incidents in Oracle HCM Cloud.
9. Understand the impact of security breaches on organizational operations.
10. Establish and maintain secure access to Oracle HCM Cloud components.

 Module 1: Security Overview

  • Role-Based Security Model
  • Predefined HCM Roles
  • Role Inheritance
  • Role Types
  • Security Privileges
  • Role Evaluation
  • Customizing Security for Your Needs

 Module 2: Security Profiles and Data Roles

  • Data Security Through Security Profiles
  • HCM Security Profile Types
  • Predefined HCM Security Profiles
  • HCM Security Profiles Best Practices
  • Key Points for Creating Security Profiles
  • Creating Security Profiles and Assigning to a New Data Role
  • Assigning Security Profiles to Existing Roles
  • Editing Security Profiles

 Module 3: User Management

  • User Account Creation Scenarios
  • Maintaining User Accounts
  • Enterprise-Level User-Management Options
  • Managing Applications Security Preferences
  • Implementation Users
  • Reporting on Users

 Module 4: Role Provisioning

  • Provisioning Roles to Users: Overview
  • Defining Role-Provisioning Rules
  • Role Mappings in Detail
  • Autoprovisioning
  • Role-Provisioning Rules for Abstract Roles
  • Integration with the New Hire Flow
  • Role-Provisioning Strategies
  • Role Delegation

 Module 5: HCM Security Management Data Stores, Tools, Tasks, and Processes

  • HCM Security Management Data Stores
  • HCM Security Tasks
  • Synchronization Processes and Preferences
  • HCM Security Processes
  • The Security Console

 Module 6: Using the Security Console

  • Security Console: Overview and Benefits
  • Running the Import User and Role Application Security Data Process
  • Launching the Security Console
  • Using Key Features of the Security Console
  • Role Visualization
  • Role Comparison
  • Security Console Administration Options

 Module 7: Creating Custom Roles on the Security Console

  • Creating Custom Job and Abstract Roles
  • Copying Application Roles
  • Transaction Analysis Duty Roles
  • Editing Copied Roles
  • Creating Roles from Scratch
  • Regenerating Data Roles

 Module 8: HCM Security Deep Dive

  • Aggregate Privileges and Duty Roles In Detail
  • Function Security Privileges
  • Data Security Policy Components
  • Data Security – Application Role Creation
  • Data Security – FND_GRANTS Generation
  • Data Security – Data Role Creation
  • Data Security in Action

 Module 9: Tips for Implementing HCM Security

  • Resilience to Change
  • Minimizing the Number of Data Roles Using Areas of Responsibility
  • Securing by areas of Responsibility
  • Securing Persons Using Custom Criteria
  • Role Optimization

 Module 10: Security and HCM Reporting

  • OTBI Security
  • BI Publisher Security

Oracle HCM Cloud: Security Course Prerequisites:

To take the Oracle HCM Cloud: Security Training course, students should have the following prerequisites:
1. Knowledge of Oracle Human Resource Management systems and concepts.
2. Basic understanding of relational databases and data access principles.
3. Understanding of data security and identity management concepts.
4. Knowledge of key security technologies such as Single Sign-On, Role-based Access Control, and data masking.
5. Working knowledge of web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and XML.
6. Ability to read, understand, and interpret technical documentation.
7. Ability to use Oracle cloud computing services.

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