Oracle Interactive Session Recorder Rel 6.1

Duration : 4 Days (32 Hours)

Oracle Interactive Session Recorder Rel 6.1 Course Overview:

The Oracle Interactive Session Recorder Rel 6.1 certification is a specialized qualification that showcases expertise in using Oracle telephony software. This certification reveals insights into utilizing a robust tool designed to automatically record, archive, and retrieve interactive sessions on various Oracle programs. Industries leverage this certification to accurately track database interactions, incident prevalence, and run diagnostics, providing data integrity, accountability, and opportunities for system optimizations. It is particularly valuable for database administrators, assisting them in identifying and rectifying potential faults, boosting productivity, and enhancing user experience and system performance. The certification offers a comprehensive advantage in managing Oracle’s intricate database systems and ensures efficient and effective utilization of the telephony software.

Intended Audience:

  • IT professionals specializing in database management
  • Systems administrators using or planning to use Oracle suite
  • Oracle software users seeking efficient session recording capabilities
  • Oracle database consultants
  • Corporate IT team members needing advanced Oracle training
  • Information systems students studying Oracle databases

Learning Objectives of Oracle Interactive Session Recorder Rel 6.1:

The primary learning objectives of the Oracle Interactive Session Recorder Rel 6.1 course are as follows:

  1. Understanding the system’s operational capabilities.
  2. Installing and configuring the Oracle Interactive Session Recorder.
  3. Streamlining process workflows using the software.
  4. Managing runtime operations efficiently.
  5. Integrating the solution with various platforms for enhanced functionality.
  6. Troubleshooting techniques to address potential issues effectively.
  7. Managing event data and alerts.
  8. Utilizing the Oracle Interactive Session Recorder to enhance and optimize business processes.

Module 1: Introduction

  • ISR Overview

Module 2: Configuring ISR

  • Configuring a Site
  • Configuring Accounts and Recording Policies

Module 3: Configuring SIPREC

  • SIPREC Overview
  • Integrating Oracle Communications E-SBC/SBC with ISR
  • Configuring ISR for SIPREC with Realm

Module 4: Operation and Administration

  • Provisioning and Managing Users
  • Configuring Administrative Services and Features
  • Managing Recordings

Module 5: Troubleshooting and Maintenance

  • Accessing ISR Components
  • Checking Status and Troubleshooting
  • SNMP Monitoring
  • Key Management in ISR
  • Requesting Oracle Support

Module 6: FACE API

  • FACE API Overview
  • Examples of ISR Integration with 3rd Party Applications using FACE

Module 7: ISR Installation

  • Preparing ISR Installation
  • Installing and Configuring the Index
  • Installing and Configuring RSS (Recording Storage Service)
  • Installing and Configuring Dashboard
  • Installing and Configuring FACE (Flexible Architecture for Customer Extensions)

Oracle Interactive Session Recorder Rel 6.1 Course Prerequisites:

  1. Basic knowledge of Oracle Fusion Middleware, its components, and their interactions.
  2. Understanding of Oracle Database 11g, including concepts like data modeling and SQL queries.
  3. Proficiency in WebLogic Server and Java EE for deploying and managing applications.
  4. Familiarity with Oracle Real-Time Decisions (RTD) for integrating with content management solutions.
  5. Previous experience with Oracle Interactive Session Recorder, which may share similarities with WebCenter Content.
  6. Ability to understand ADF Logging Infrastructure for troubleshooting and monitoring purposes.

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