Oracle Solaris 10 ZFS Administration

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

Oracle Solaris 10 ZFS Administration Course Overview:

The Oracle Solaris 10 ZFS Administration course equips professionals with no prior ZFS knowledge to effectively manage, monitor, and maintain data storage capabilities using ZFS. Participants will learn to optimize storage environments, enhance reliability and performance, and utilize capacity and backup functions. The course covers storage concepts, pool and file system configuration and maintenance, snapshots, clones, replication, and best practices for ZFS implementation and backup plans. By course completion, attendees should demonstrate operational skills in administering and configuring ZFS-based storage solutions across diverse environments.

Intended Audience:

  • System Administrators responsible for managing ZFS-based systems
  • IT Managers involved in overseeing ZFS administration
  • Engineers seeking proficiency in ZFS-based system administration
  • Programmers working with ZFS-based systems
  • Unix Professionals aiming to specialize in Solaris 10 ZFS Administration
  • IT Professionals interested in mastering new technologies in Solaris 10 ZFS Administration
  • Individuals wanting to effectively manage and administer ZFS systems using Oracle Solaris 10
  • Those looking to learn about ZFS-based storage management and configuration
  • Participants interested in gaining knowledge about asynchronous replication and snapshot technologies
  • Individuals eager to understand advancements in monitoring, security, and memory utilization in ZFS-based systems

Learning Objectives of Oracle Solaris 10 ZFS Administration:

1. Understand the basics and key features of Oracle Solaris 10 ZFS Administration.
2. Configure and use storage pools, Storage pool drives, and storage pool layouts with multipathing.
3. Utilize Solaris 10 Enhanced ZFS features including Data Protection, Compression, Quotas and Encryption.
4. Learn to use the ZFS Ressource Manager to monitor system resources and set disk quotas, resource groups, and schedules.
5. Perform ZFS-specific maintenance and optimization tasks to maximize performance and reliability.
6. Implement best practices for creating and managing ZFS snapshot backups and clones.
7. Use troubleshooting and restoration techniques to address common ZFS errors and faults.
8. Understand the new features of the Oracle Solaris 11 ZFS Storage Appliance.

 Module 1: Managing ZFS Storage Pools

  • Creating and destroying ZFS Storage Pools
  • Managing devices in ZFS Storage Pools
  • Managing ZFS Storage Pool properties
  • Querying ZFS Storage Pool status
  • Migrating and upgrading a ZFS Storage Pool

 Module 2: Managing ZFS File Systems

  • Creating and destroying ZFS File Systems
  • Using ZFS File System Properties
  • Querying ZFS File System Information
  • Managing ZFS File System Properties
  • Mounting and sharing ZFS File Systems
  • Setting ZFS Quotas and Reservations

 Module 3: Working With ZFS Snapshots and Clones

  • Creating, destroying, and holding ZFS Snapshots
  • Renaming, displaying, and rolling back ZFS Snapshots
  • Creating and destroying clones
  • Sending and receiving ZFS Snapshot data

 Module 4: Installing and Booting a ZFS Root File System

  • Performing an initial installation of a ZFS root file system
  • Performing a Flash Archive installation of a ZFS root file system
  • Performing a JumpStart Installation of a ZFS root file system
  • Migrating a UFS root file system to a ZFS root file system using Solaris Live Upgrade
  • Using ZFS support for swap and dump devices
  • Booting from a ZFS root file system
  • Recovering the ZFS root pool or root pool snapshots

 Module 5: Troubleshooting ZFS Issues and Recovering ZFS Data

  • Identifying problems in ZFS
  • Repairing a damaged ZFS configuration
  • Repairing a missing device
  • Repairing a damaged device
  • Repairing damaged data
  • Repairing an unbootable system

 Module 6: Working with ZFS Volumes

  • Identifying a ZFS volume
  • Identifying how to use a ZFS volume
  • Working with ZFS volumes as dump or swap devices

 Module 7: Using ZFS on a Solaris System with Zones Installed

  • Adding a ZFS file system to a non-global Zone
  • Delegating datasets to a non-global Zone
  • Adding ZFS volumes to a non-global Zone
  • Using ZFS Storage Pools within a Zone
  • Managing ZFS properties within a non-global Zone

Oracle Solaris 10 ZFS Administration Course Prerequisites:

There are no specific prerequisites for Oracle Solaris 10 ZFS Administration Training, however, knowledge in core system administration with advanced Solaris is highly recommended. It is also beneficial for learners to possess working experience in the Oracle Solaris 10 operating system and have knowledge about system configuration, ZFS file systems and network communication protocols.

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