Paragon Active Assurance for Automated WAN

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Paragon Active Assurance for Automated WAN Training Course Overview

In this intensive two-day course, students will acquire the knowledge and proficiency needed for the configuration, operation, monitoring, and maintenance of Juniper® Paragon Active Assurance deployments. The primary objective is to provide hands-on experience to ensure effective operation and upkeep of Paragon Active Assurance. Key topics covered include detailed explanations of Paragon Active Assurance components and capabilities, diverse test agent deployment options, network service testing, monitoring procedures, and Paragon Active Assurance life-cycle management. The curriculum is structured around Paragon Active Assurance version and Junos Release 23.2R1.13, ensuring students are equipped with the latest software versions for a comprehensive learning experience.

Intended Audience For Paragon Active Assurance for Automated WAN Training

  • Network Engineers and Architects
  • WAN Administrators
  • NOC Staff
  • IT Managers
  • Operations Support Staff
  • Telecom Professionals
  • Those Involved in WAN Design and Optimization
  • IT Professionals Transitioning to Automated WAN Roles
  • Network Operations Staff
  • Telecom Engineers

Learning objectives for the Paragon Active Assurance for Automated WAN training course

  • Operate and maintain Paragon Active Assurance.
  • Test network services using Paragon Active Assurance.
  • Monitor network service performance using Paragon Active
  • Integrate Paragon Active Assurance with external systems.
  • Interact with Paragon Active Assurance using Network Configuration
    Protocol (NETCONF) and Yet Another Next Generation (YANG).
  • Interact with Paragon Active Assurance using the Representational
    State Transfer (REST) API.
  • Troubleshoot Paragon Active Assurance.

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Benefits of taking the Paragon Active Assurance for Automated WAN training

  • In-Depth Understanding of Paragon Active Assurance: Gain comprehensive knowledge of Paragon Active Assurance, including its components and capabilities. Understand how to effectively deploy, operate, and maintain Paragon Active Assurance in a Wide Area Network (WAN) environment.
  • Hands-On Experience with WAN Topology Discovery: Acquire practical skills in WAN topology discovery using Paragon Active Assurance. Learn how to map and understand the structure of a WAN, providing valuable insights for network management.
  • Segment Routing-Traffic Engineering (SR-TE) Mastery: Develop expertise in segment routing-traffic engineering (SR-TE) and RSVP-signaled label-switched path (LSP) management. Understand the principles and best practices for optimizing traffic engineering in a WAN.
  • Path Computation Element Protocol (PCEP) LSP Management: Learn to deploy and manage label-switched paths (LSPs) using the Path Computation Element Protocol (PCEP). Understand the role of PCEP in dynamic path computation and provisioning.
  • LSP Optimization and Calendaring: Acquire skills in optimizing label-switched paths and implementing calendaring for maintenance scheduling. Learn how to efficiently manage and optimize network resources for improved performance.
  • Point-to-Multipoint (P2MP) LSP Management: Understand the principles and practices of managing point-to-multipoint label-switched paths. Learn to configure and monitor P2MP LSPs to support multicast and efficient data distribution.
  • Network Telemetry and Analytics: Explore the capabilities of network telemetry and analytics in Paragon Active Assurance. Gain insights into real-time and historical data, allowing for informed decision-making and proactive network management.
  • Closed-Loop Automation: Learn how to implement closed-loop automation in WAN environments. Understand the importance of automation in reducing manual intervention, minimizing errors, and ensuring the reliability of network operations.
  • Failure Simulation and Reporting: Acquire skills in simulating network failures and understanding their impact. Learn to generate reports on network performance, failures, and other key metrics for effective troubleshooting and analysis.
  • Network Modeling and Demand Placement: Understand the process of network modeling and demand placement using Paragon Active Assurance. Learn to model network configurations and optimize demand placement for efficient resource utilization.
  • Hardware Inventory and Network Telemetry Collection: Gain practical experience in collecting hardware inventory and network telemetry data. Understand the importance of accurate inventory and telemetry for effective network monitoring.
  • Intent-Based Automation Principles: Explore the principles of intent-based automation and its application in WAN environments. Learn how to align network configurations with desired business outcomes using intent-based networking.
  • Real-World Deployment Scenarios: Engage in hands-on labs and real-world deployment scenarios. Apply your knowledge to practical exercises, ensuring that you can effectively implement and manage Paragon Active Assurance in diverse network environments.
  • Certification and Professional Growth: Obtain a certification in Paragon Active Assurance for Automated WAN, demonstrating your expertise in advanced WAN management. Enhance your professional credentials and open up opportunities for career advancement in the networking field.

Paragon Active Assurance for Automated WAN Training Course Modules

Module 1 : Course Introduction

Module 2: Paragon Active Assurance

  • Components overview.
  • Deploying and registering Paragon Active Assurance test agents.
  • Verifying Paragon Active Assurance test agent registration.
  • Lab 1: Paragon Active Assurance Test Agent Registration.

Module 3: Paragon Active Assurance Tests

  • Components of Paragon Active Assurance tests.
  • Creating test sequences.
  • Examining test results.
  • Lab 2: Paragon Active Assurance Tests.

Module 4: Paragon Active Assurance Monitoring

  • Overview of Paragon Active Assurance monitoring.
  • Configuring monitors.
  • Examining monitoring results.
  • Lab 3: Paragon Active Assurance Monitors.

Module 5: Paragon Active Assurance Templates

  • Explanation and creation of templates.
  • Utilizing templates.
  • Lab 4: Paragon Active Assurance Templates.

Module 6: Paragon Active Assurance REST API

  • Introduction to the REST API.
  • Using the Swagger REST API browser.
  • Examining REST API examples.
  • Lab 5: Paragon Active Assurance REST API.

Module 7: Paragon Active Assurance Management

  • Creating inventory objects.
  • Managing accounts.
  • Using applications.

Module 8: Paragon Active Assurance Life Cycle Management

  • Components and services overview.
  • Configuring services.
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Self-Study Module.

Module 9: Paragon Active Assurance NETCONF and YANG

  • Explanation of NETCONF and YANG.
  • Enabling the NETCONF API.
  • Test agent orchestration with NETCONF.

Paragon Active Assurance for Automated WAN Training Course Prerequisites

  • Basic networking skills
  • General understanding of Junos OS devices
  • Basic routing knowledge
  • Understanding of the OSI reference model and the TCP/IP protocol suite
  • Completion of the Introduction to the Junos Operating System course or equivalent knowledge and experience

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