PeopleSoft Deployment Packages Rel 8.56 Ed 2

Duration : 3 Days (24 Hours)

PeopleSoft Deployment Packages Rel 8.56 Ed 2 Course Overview:

The PeopleSoft Deployment Packages Rel 8.56 Ed 2 certification centers on the utilization of PeopleSoft technology to facilitate the efficient deployment of modifications and enhancements across multiple PeopleSoft systems or environments. This certification streamlines the migration of application customizations, integrations, and configurations, proving valuable for industries seeking to verify professionals’ proficiency in managing and executing PeopleSoft application deployments. Encompassing package definitions, deployment automation, and data management, this technology minimizes errors, expedites deployment procedures, and reduces downtime, thus enabling seamless business operations, heightened productivity, and enhanced efficiency.

Intended Audience:

  • IT professionals responsible for implementing, managing, and maintaining PeopleSoft applications.
  • PeopleSoft system administrators.
  • PeopleSoft developers creating customized packages.
  • Consultants or advisers who specialize in PeopleSoft systems.
  • Individuals seeking to learn more about PeopleSoft Deployment Packages.
  • Companies planning to upgrade their PeopleSoft system to version 8.56.

Learning Objectives of PeopleSoft Deployment Packages Rel 8.56 Ed 2:

The educational objectives of the PeopleSoft Deployment Packages Rel 8.56 Ed 2 course revolve around fostering a comprehensive grasp of utilizing, creating, and overseeing PeopleSoft Deployment Packages (DPKs). The course is designed to cultivate proficiencies in customizing DPKs and employing them for the deployment of Elasticsearch clusters. Participants will receive instruction on managing domains reliant on DPKs and comprehending the pivotal role of DPKs within the PeopleSoft update manager framework. Additionally, learners will be equipped to effectively diagnose and troubleshoot diverse challenges linked to DPKs. The overarching aspiration is for students to adeptly implement and manage DPKs within real-world IT environments, thereby streamlining deployment procedures for their respective organizations.

 Module 1: Technology Overview

  • Reviewing PeopleSoft Architecture
  • Describing PeopleSoft DeploymentFramework
  • Describing Downloading DPKs
  • Describing Installation Process
  • Describing Elasticsearch
  • Describing Cloud Manager
  • Describing Sources of Information About PeopleSoft Deployment Packages

 Module 2: Using DPKs to Install PeopleSoft Applications

  • Downloading DPKs
  • Discovering and Downloading PeopleSoft Application DPKS
  • Describing the PeopleSoft Application DPKs
  • Reviewing the Implementation of DPKs in the Training Environment

 Module 3: Installing PeopleSoft Application Using DPK

  • Installing a FRESH Application
  • Downloading the PeopleTools DPK Files
  • Installing the PeopleSoft Homes

 Module 4: Customizing a PeopleSoft Environment

  • Understanding the DPK Setup
  • Describing the Puppet Hiera YAML Files
  • Describing the psft_unix_system.yaml File (Linux Only)
  • Creating psft_customizations.yaml file
  • Customizing Component Installation Locations
  • Customizing PeopleSoft Domain Definitions

 Module 5: Downloading and Deploying PeopleSoft Image

  • Describing PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) Environment
  • Downloading PeopleSoft Image DPK
  • Deploying DPK on Windows
  • Installing PeopleTools Client
  • Removing PeopleSoft Environment

 Module 6: Deploying the PeopleSoft PeopleTools Deployment Packages

  • Downloading the PeopleTools DPK Files
  • Describing the Downloaded Files
  • Describing PeopleTools DPK Setup
  • Installing the PeopleSoft Homes
  • Running the DPK Setup Script for Mid-Tier Deployment
  • Deploying the PeopleTools Client DPK

 Module 7: Applying PeopleTools Patch using DPK

  • Describing PeopleTools Patch
  • Installing PeopleTools Patch
  • Deploying the New Release in Mid-tier Mode
  • Creating the Customization File
  • Verifying the Patch Application

 Module 8: Installing Elasticsearch and Configuring PeopleSoft Search Framework

  • Explaining the Features of PeopleSoft Search
  • Describing the PeopleSoft Search Framework
  • Describing Elasticsearch
  • Describing Elasticsearch

 Module 9: Managing an Elasticsearch Cluster

  • Describing Cluster Setup
  • Adding a New Node to the Cluster
  • Starting and Stopping the Cluster

 Module 10: Deploying Search Definitions and Building Search Indexes

  • Creating a Search Instance (using ACM template)
  • Locating Delivered Search Definitions
  • Deploying Search Definitions and Search Categories
  • Building Search Indexes: Attachment processing (Direct Transfer), partitioning data based on date range, using separate index for SDs with large data, and monitoring/troubleshooting index process.
  • Deploying and Indexing Data (using ACM template)
  • Working with Incremental Index Updates

 Module 11: Configuring End User Search Options

  • Working with Search Framework Search Results
  • Enabling Global Search
  • Enabling Global Search

 Module 12: Monitoring the Elasticsearch Cluster in Health Center

  • Understanding Elasticsearch Dashboard
  • Viewing the Cluster Dashboard
  • Viewing the Cluster Dashboard

 Module 13: Additional Features

  • Interacting with Elasticsearch
  • Understanding DirectTransfer

 Module 14: Introduction to Cloud Manager

PeopleSoft Deployment Packages Rel 8.56 Ed 2 Course Prerequisites:

• In-depth knowledge of PeopleSoft architecture
• Familiarity with PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM)
• Understanding of PeopleSoft database administration
• Proficiency in PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture, PeopleSoft Internet Architecture security, and integration broker setup
• Previous experience with network and server administration.

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