PeopleSoft ePerformance Rel 9.2 Ed 1

Duration : 4 Days (32 Hours)

PeopleSoft ePerformance Rel 9.2 Ed 1 Course Overview:

The PeopleSoft ePerformance Rel 9.2 Ed 1 certification focuses on mastering the PeopleSoft ePerformance module, which automates, integrates, and streamlines employee performance management for organizations. This module oversees performance document creation, process management, role definition, content, workflow, and HR module integration. Industries apply it to evaluate, monitor, and enhance workforce performance, aligning personal goals with organizational aims. This certification remains sought after for imparting proficiency in utilizing the ePerformance module strategically to enhance organizational outcomes.

Intended Audience:

  • HR professionals seeking to enhance their competencies.
  • IT professionals engaged in HR systems management.
  • Managers and executives in search of a comprehensive performance management solution.
  • PeopleSoft end-users aiming to leverage ePerformance features.
  • Business process consultants specializing in the HR domain.
  • Training personnel responsible for designing PeopleSoft courses and learning modules.

Learning Objectives of PeopleSoft ePerformance Rel 9.2 Ed 1:

The PeopleSoft ePerformance Rel 9.2 Ed 1 training program is tailored to equip individuals with the skills needed to proficiently navigate and utilize the PeopleSoft ePerformance module. Key learning outcomes encompass comprehending the module’s functionality and configuration, mastering the creation and oversight of performance documents, and grasping the intricacies of the document review workflow. Participants will also gain expertise in harnessing the system for conducting manager evaluations and facilitating employee self-assessments. Additionally, the curriculum encompasses a thorough understanding of how ePerformance seamlessly integrates with other PeopleSoft HCM modules, as well as comprehensive training on leveraging the module’s reporting and analytical capabilities. Ultimately, upon completing the program, participants will be well-equipped to adeptly employ PeopleSoft ePerformance to bolster performance management endeavors within their respective organizations.

 Module 1: Setting Up ePerformance

  • Describing the ePerformance Set Up Process
  • Activating ePerformance
  • Defining ePerformance System Parameters
  • Setting Up Rating Models
  • Setting Up the Content Catalog
  • Setting Up Roles
  • Setting Up Document Types
  • Setting Up Section Definitions

 Module 2: Creating Templates

  • Describing Template Definitions
  • Defining Template Definitions

 Module 3: Setting Up Business Objectives

  • Setting Up Objective Plans
  • Defining Objective Sections
  • Defining Objective Templates
  • Configuring Email Notifications for Objective Pages
  • Identifying Business Objective Nodes

 Module 4: Publishing and Viewing Business Objectives

  • Creating Business Objectives
  • Updating Business Objectives
  • Publishing Business Objectives
  • Creating Objective Summary Data

 Module 5: Creating Documents

  • Describing How Documents are Generated
  • Cascading Objective Items
  • Accessing Documents

 Module 6: Defining Evaluation Criteria

  • Describing the Define Criteria Step
  • Setting Up the Define Criteria Step
  • Revising Evaluation Criteria

 Module 7: Tracking Mid-Period Progress

  • Describing the Track Progress Step
  • Setting Up the Track Progress Step
  • Completing the Track Progress Step

 Module 8: Working with Multiple Participants

  • Describing the Nominate Participants Process
  • Setting Up the Nominate Participants
  • Nominating Evaluation Participants
  • Responding to Evaluation Requests
  • Tracking Participant Evaluations

 Module 9: Using Advisor Tools

  • Describing the Advisor Tools
  • Defining Development Tips for Competencies and Subcompetencies
  • Defining Results Writer Text
  • Defining Content for the Language Checker Tool
  • Rebuilding PeopleSoft Search Indexes

 Module 10: Finalizing Evaluations

  • Entering Preliminary Employee Ratings
  • Adding Performance Notes
  • Writing Section and Item Comments
  • Reopening Evaluations
  • Calculating Combined Ratings
  • Debugging Ratings Calculations
  • Completing Employee Self-Evaluations
  • Finalizing Manager Evaluations

 Module 11: Reviewing and Approving Evaluations

  • Describing the Review and Approval Processes
  • Conducting Employee Reviews
  • Approving Evaluations
  • Updating Person Profiles

 Module 12: Performing Administrative Tasks

  • Describing Administrative Tasks
  • Performing Administrative Actions

 Module 13: Inquiring and Reporting on ePerformance Data

  • Accessing Documents for Viewing
  • Defining Data for Inquiries
  • Generating ePerformance Reports

 Module 14: Using the Text Catalog

  • Describing the Text Catalog
  • Modifying Text Catalog Entries

 Module 15: Working with Non-person Profiles

  • Describing Non-person Profiles
  • Defining Non-person Profiles
  • Linking Profile Identities to Non-person Profiles

PeopleSoft ePerformance Rel 9.2 Ed 1 Course Prerequisites:

• General familiarity with the PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM) environment
• Basic understanding of PeopleSoft HCM ePerformance module
• Knowledge of performance management processes in HR
• Experience with application setup and navigation in PeopleSoft applications
• Completion of the Interaction Hub training course
• Ability to understand and execute SQL queries.

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