PeopleSoft eProcurement Rel 9.2 Ed 2

Duration : 4 Days (32 Hours)

PeopleSoft eProcurement Rel 9.2 Ed 2 Course Overview:

The PeopleSoft eProcurement Rel 9.2 Ed 2 certification stands as a hallmark of adeptness in orchestrating the e-procurement continuum through Oracle’s PeopleSoft framework. This credential attests to the capability to adeptly implement and oversee the e-procurement module, encompassing requisitioning, purchasing, receipt, and reconciliation protocols. Industries deploy this certification to optimize procurement efficiency, heighten data precision, and ensure adherence to compliance parameters. Possessing this certification empowers professionals to seamlessly refine procurement workflows, negotiate supplier agreements, automate purchasing operations, and comprehensively grasp the procurement lifecycle. Notably embraced by manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and IT service sectors, this certification augments dependability, scalability, and amplifies ROI in procurement systems.

Intended Audience:

• Procurement professionals wanting to upgrade their skills
• IT professionals tasked with implementing or managing PeopleSoft eProcurement system
• Project managers overseeing PeopleSoft eProcurement deployment
• Business analysts aiming to understand software capabilities
• Functional implementers who need thorough knowledge of the system
• End-users who will be interacting with the PeopleSoft eProcurement system

Learning Objectives of PeopleSoft eProcurement Rel 9.2 Ed 2:

The central educational goals of the PeopleSoft eProcurement Rel 9.2 Ed 2 course revolve around enabling participants to acquire a comprehensive comprehension and mastery of the intricacies associated with procurement within organizations leveraging the advanced capabilities of PeopleSoft 9.2. Upon course completion, learners should exhibit the aptitude to proficiently elucidate the various stages of the purchase order lifecycle, adroitly construct and oversee requisitions, supplier contracts, and purchase orders. Furthermore, participants are expected to demonstrate proficiency in assimilating the intricacies of the approval and dispatch process, adeptly formulating and managing receipts, returns, and adjustments, and seamlessly applying best practices in eProcurement through the utilization of PeopleSoft.

 Module 1: Performing Basic Setup for PeopleSoft eProcurement

  • Establishing System Options
  • Creating Business Units
  • Defining Processing Options for Business Units

 Module 2: Creating Suppliers

  • Defining Supplier Controls
  • Creating Supplier Profiles

 Module 3: Approving, Updating and Inactivating Suppliers

  • Approving Suppliers
  • Updating and Reviewing Supplier Name History
  • Defining Supplier Audit
  • Inactivating Suppliers
  • Using the Supplier Administration Center

 Module 4: Processing Supplier Onboarding

  • Configuring Supplier Registration
  • Registering, Managing, and Approving Suppliers
  • Registering Online
  • Managing Invitations
  • Managing Approvals
  • Review Registration History

 Module 5: Creating Items, Item Categories, and Catalogs

  • Creating Item Categories and Units of Measure
  • Create Purchasing Items
  • Creating Catalog Trees
  • Establishing Users and User Roles

 Module 6: Establishing Users and User Roles

  • Defining Users
  • Defining Requesters and Buyers
  • Establishing User Preferences
  • Defining User Roles

 Module 7: Managing Approvals

  • Setting Up Specific Data for eProcurement Approvals
  • Approving and Denying Requisitions
  • Delegating Approval Responsibility

 Module 8: Processing Requisitions

  • Creating Requisitions and Express Item Entry
  • Creating Special Requests
  • Sourcing Requisitions to Purchase Orders
  • Expediting Requisitions
  • Using the Sourcing Workbench

 Module 9: Managing Purchase Orders and Change Requests

  • Dispatching and Publishing Purchase Orders
  • Reviewing Message Logs
  • Using Change Requests in Dispatched Purchase Orders
  • Creating Requisition Change Request
  • Running the Change Purchase Order Process
  • Dispatching Changed Purchase Orders

 Module 10: Using Receipts and Returns in eProcurement

  • Receiving and Rejecting Items
  • Returning Items to Suppliers
  • Receiving Items as a Power User

 Module 11: Setting Up Miscellaneous Charges

  • Defining a Miscellaneous Charge

 Module 12: Maintaining Price Adjustments

  • Setting Up Price Adjustment Rules for Suppliers
  • Adding a Price Adjustment for a Supplier and for a Purchase Order Schedule

PeopleSoft eProcurement Rel 9.2 Ed 2 Course Prerequisites:

• Familiarity with PeopleSoft Basics and Navigation
• Knowledge of PeopleSoft Purchasing
• Understanding of PeopleSoft Suppliers and Procurement Workflows
• Basic skills in SQL and PS Query
• Experience with eProcurement terminology
• Knowledge of eProcurement processes, purchase orders, and eSettlements

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