PeopleSoft Payroll – US Rel 9.2 Ed 3

Duration : 5 Days (40 Hours)

PeopleSoft Payroll – US Rel 9.2 Ed 3 Course Overview:

The certification for PeopleSoft Payroll – US Rel 9.2 Ed 3 is tailored for demonstrating expertise in US payroll systems via the PeopleSoft platform. It affirms proficiency in real-time automated payroll management, encompassing calculation, and paycheck issuance. Industries leverage this certification as a standard for identifying adept professionals capable of efficient payroll administration, including tax reporting, deductions, and flexible processing. This credential aids in optimizing payroll systems, ensuring legal and tax compliance, and enhancing overall human resources operations.

Intended Audience:

  • HR professionals seeking proficiency in PeopleSoft Payroll software.
  • Current users of PeopleSoft software looking to enhance their knowledge.
  • IT professionals responsible for implementing or managing PeopleSoft Payroll.
  • Payroll administrators/consultants needing a detailed comprehension of PeopleSoft Payroll-US.

Learning Objectives of PeopleSoft Payroll – US Rel 9.2 Ed 3:

The primary learning goals of the PeopleSoft Payroll – US Rel 9.2 Ed 3 course encompass furnishing participants with an extensive comprehension of PeopleSoft Payroll system functionalities and operations. Enrollees will acquire expertise in configuring and overseeing payroll processing tables, crafting paysheets, and conducting paycheck calculations. Proficiency will be gained in payroll processing, reviewing, adjustment, and confirmation. Furthermore, participants will grasp the creation and management of pay groups, tax location codes, and specialized accumulator configurations. The course will also cover executing payroll processes, resolving typical challenges, and adeptly utilizing reports and online inquiries to harness payroll data.

Module 1: Setting Up HRMS Tables for Payroll Processing

  • Identifying Relevant HRMS Tables
  • Installation Table Setup for Payroll
  • Role of SetID, Location, and Department
  • Company Table Setup
  • Frequency and Compensation Setup

Module 2: Setting Up Payroll Tables

  • Identifying Payroll Setup Tables
  • Source Bank Account Setup
  • Special Accumulator Creation
  • Earnings Code Setup
  • Earnings Program Setup
  • Shift Pay Setup
  • Pay Group and Rate Code Creation

Module 3: Setting Up U.S. Payroll Tax Tables

  • Tax Table Maintenance Responsibility
  • PeopleSoft-Maintained Tax Tables
  • Customer-Maintained Tax Tables

Module 4: Setting Up Employee Data

  • Employee Data Sources
  • Employee Instance Setup
  • Employee Job Data Entry and Viewing
  • Employee Pay Data
  • Employee Tax Data Update
  • Additional Pay and General Deductions Assignment
  • Payroll Options Update

Module 5: Creating and Updating Paysheets

  • Paysheets in Payroll for North America
  • Balance ID Creation
  • Pay Calendar Setup
  • Pay Run ID Configuration
  • Paysheet Creation
  • Paysheet and Payline Management
  • Payroll Unsheet Process

Module 6: Calculating Payroll

  • Payroll Calculation Description
  • Preliminary and Final Payroll Calculation

Module 7: Confirming Payroll and Producing Checks and Reports

  • Payroll Confirmation
  • Confirmed Payroll Results Viewing
  • Check and Advice Printing
  • Check Reprinting
  • Direct Deposit Transmittals and Reports
  • Payroll and Tax Report Description
  • Reversing Payroll Confirmation Methods

Module 8: Processing Off-Cycle Payrolls

  • Off-Cycle Payroll Processing
  • Paycheck Reversal
  • Reversal/Adjustment Processing
  • Manual Check Recording
  • Online Check Production
  • Retroactive Processing

Module 9: Setting Up and Processing Additional Payroll Functionality

  • Holiday Schedule Setup
  • Advanced Earnings Options Setup
  • Multiple Jobs Processing Setup
  • Mid-period Job Changes Setup
  • Gross Ups Processing

Module 10: Setting Up and Processing Benefit Deductions

  • Deductions and Earnings Setup for Benefits
  • Benefit Program Update and Employee Enrollment
  • Benefits-Related Payroll Reports Analysis

Module 11: Setting Up and Processing Garnishments

  • Garnishment Setup Steps
  • PeopleSoft-Maintained Garnishment Tables
  • Company-Level Tables Setup for Garnishments
  • Employee Garnishment Deduction Assignment
  • Employee Garnishment Specification Data Setup
  • Employee Garnishment History Review

Module 12: PeopleSoft Enterprise ePay Description

  • ePay Transactions and Setup Requirements
  • ePay Security and Workflow Setup
  • Voluntary Deduction Transaction Setup
  • View Paycheck Transaction Setup
  • Paycheck Modeler Setup
  • Year End Form Transaction Setup
  • ePay Self-Service Transactions Usage

PeopleSoft Payroll – US Rel 9.2 Ed 3 Course Prerequisites:

  • Profound knowledge in PeopleSoft functionality related to payroll management.
  • Experience in implementing PeopleSoft Payroll for US.
  • Understanding of the PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM) solution.
  • Familiarity with PeopleTools, appreciating its capacities and usage in real-world situations.
  • Knowledge of relevant US payroll laws and regulations.

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